Five Worst Gaming Fads in the Last Five Years


As a game becomes popular, publishers and developers take the hint and try to capitalize on said popularity. It’s simple capitalism and sometimes you can get some really interesting games. However, massive success creates fads in the gaming world. Thanks to the internet we can now see all of the fads rise and become something gamers either love or hate.

These are some of the fads that have become popular over the last 5 years, from zombies to nearly pointless simulators. Love them or hate them, these have been some major gaming fads over the past few years, and man they can honestly get pretty annoying. Things are good in moderation, and boy have we blown way past that point.

Without further delay, here are some of the worst gaming fads in the last five years!


Zombie Anything


I would like to attribute this fad to one TV show that seemed to make zombies cool again: The Walking Dead. I am a fan of the show and comic, but seriously the success of the show really skyrocketed the zombie game genre’s massive popularity. Zombie games have existed in the past, like House of the Dead, Dead Rising, Resident Evil etc., but about four years ago we had a massive influx of a single genre, Zombie Survival. Holy crap it felt like everyone and their grandmother was making a survival game with zombies in it. When you look on steam early access and you see the huge pool of titles in this genre, it’s almost sickening. There are some really good ones, like Zomboid and State of Decay, but the bad outweigh the good.

Voxel Art


Minecraft’s success once it launched the 1.0 Adventure Update is one of the best success stories in indie game history. The game looked like it was drawn with an etch a sketch but allowed you to build a golden statue of male genitalia appealed to basically everyone on the internet. The graphical style is known as “voxels” and it’s incredibly simple to make a game with massive squares. If Notch and Mojang could do it, why couldn’t other indie developers? When I got the game in beta I never thought that in an industry that prides itself on high-fidelity graphics a game that looked like Minecraft would become so popular. It did, and the result was a wealth of copycat games like Castle Miner Z, Fortresscraft, Block Story, and Trove. The voxel art direction also invaded other genres, specifically the shooter genre with Ace of Spades and Guncraft. Thankfully the voxel/pixel art fad has died down since Minecraft became more of a mainstream game and less of an oddity.



Thanks Activsion. That’s all I really have to say about this sort of thing. Figurines to work with video games, a new way to rip the money out of the consumer’s wallet to experience a full game. Skylanders was the pioneer for this sort of thing, the first game showcasing a familiar purple dragon named Spyro hooked adults and kids alike with the bright color scheme, cool toys, and an innovate way to play games. Since then there have been four new Skylanders games all with upwards of 20+ figures to collect. Skylanders have become so popular that other companies have started to do it. Disney has decided to jump onto this cash cow and create their own game that is a mix of Little Big Planet and Skylanders called Disney Infinity. Since the acquisition of Marvel Comics you can now play as Marvel heroes in the popular Disney game. Even Nintendo has jumped on board with this figurine peripheral hype train with their Amiibo figures.

Bandwagon EA Hate


People like to hate on EA. People like to hate on EA so much that people think it is not only the worst game company in the world, but also the worst company ever. While I personally find companies like Monsanto and Haliburton to be better candidates for that title, gamers have spoken. Now don’t get me wrong, the stunts EA Games pulls with their mobile platforms is ridiculous. Our favorite buzzword to associate EA Games with is “Microtransactions” and their games have quite a bit of them. And they aren’t even needed. You can use your real money to buy stuff you can get by playing the game. The biggest offenders are Dead Space 3 and Mass Effect 3. I do not seem to understand why people hate on EA so much, the reasons that are given are being perpetrated by a number of other game companies. Especially Ubisoft as of late with Assassin’s Creed Unity. People say EA is a terrible company, and that all their games are trash. People love the Mass Effect Franchise, they love Dragon Age, and gamers just simply adore the Battlefield series. Funny, for a company that so many gamers claim to hate, they sure do love their games.


rock simulator

Oh man, this one is definitely the biggest fad of them all in the last five years. Thanks to a small group of developers, Surgeon Simulator was created. You controlled a sentient arm that required the player to perform heart surgery. The game is terrible. The controls are dreadful but the hilarious ways you can fuck up creates hilarious Youtube videos. The short story behind Surgeon Simulator was that it was created by a small team of game developers in under 24 hours. It was a contest entry and it won. The developers then decided to put it online, for free. The popularity exploded out of control, so much that they decided to add more content and throw it up on Steam Greenlight. It was basically instantly approved and ever since game developers have been creating a ridiculous amount of simulator games. The most successful is by far Goat Simulator (which is getting MMO DLC). Sure, simulators are not new to the gaming world with simulators for playing commercial jets, driving trains, buses, and even farming. But the nature of a game actually being terrible, but still fun because of how broken it is, is all thanks to Surgeon Simulator. Now you can fill your time with staring at a rock in Rock Simulator.

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