The 5 Best Video Game Related Drinking Games


Mixing games and drinking games sounds like a recipe for disaster. However, nothing makes a good weekend at home relaxing like sitting down with a few friends, breaking out the beer or liquor and playing through enough games to super smashed into oblivion. There are many fine candidates out there, but I’ve scoured the internet for the best drinking games to indulge in while you frag your friends and relatives in a debauched series of electronic showdowns. Here are some of our favorite video game related drinking games!

Drunk Driving (Mario Kart or other racing games)

When the checkered flag drops, your goal is to pop a beer, win your race and do both while making sure that the beer isn’t there when you hit the finish line. Loser drinks another beer. Winner lords it over their friends like they just saved the universe.

Legend of the Drunken Master (Any open world RPG with booze in game)

You are the drunken master. Begin your journey with a new game, create your grizzled veteran of wars past and break out the beer/wine/mead/whiskey. Every time you enter a fight, take a sip of your drink and down an in-game beverage. When your enemies are dead, celebrate with another sip. Give up when either you (or your character) can no longer walk straight. Best done with results posted to Youtube.

Lord of the Dance (you’ll need a game with a dance pad)

I know this is a bit of a throwback, but break out your dance pads and get moving. Each person plays through the song on the same difficulty, and the lowest scoring player has to drink half their drink. This tends to snowball out of control until someone throws in the towel, but it’s a funny descent into frustration.

Super Smashed Brothers

First, each player starts with a beer at their feet. They cannot pick up their controller until said beer is gone. The first player out has to finish another beer, and the winner gets to give out a number of seconds of drinking for each kill during the match. Last person standing gets the win.

Drunk Souls

This game is made for some ridiculous iron man drinking game. The rules are simple: die? Take a drink. Use a bonfire? Take a drink. Kill a boss? Take a drink. Fail to retrieve your souls? Double it up. The same thing goes for environmental deaths. I recommend using the buddy system for this one. You won’t make it out of the first area otherwise.

There’s no need to head to the bar to have a fun night with some friends. Just grab a few classic games and get ready to marathon in ways Lance Armstrong would be unable to handle.

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