Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Weirdly Scarce Party Banter


Some time after players entered their 10th or so hour of Dragon Age: Inquisition, those of us on the PC started to notice a bit of a problem with the party banter.

People were posting about their favorite companions, whose dialogue was the funniest, and which party members held the best conversations when put together. For some, a chatty party was the norm, and obviously, the intended level of talkativeness. Others began to ask questions – why did everyone love these characters so much when they barely spoke at all?


I love the sound of sniping companions in the morning.

Eventually, the matter was brought to BioWare’s attention, and although a cause for the unnatural silence has yet to be identified, there’s a good amount of communication between the devs and the players on the forums. In the most recent update, BioWare shared its findings, explaining that even in user-submitted game saves, the party banter frequency was working as intended on their systems.

Party banter’s a defining characteristic of the Dragon Age series, and we’re understandably disgruntled over the fact that a lot of us are only hearing the banter every few hours. As BioWare explained, the companions are meant to speak up every eight to ten minutes – unfortunately, players are able to travel an entire map and hear only two or three conversations throughout. A lot of personality and motives are revealed through the silence-filling comments, and many players said they were going to end their playthroughs until a fix was released.

For now, Bioware advises players to make sure they’re not accidentally causing the banter hiccups:

Switch up party members: There is a limitation on the amount of banter between characters, and it is possible to exhaust it over the course of a playthrough, especially with a static group of followers.

Explore on foot: Banter will not fire while the player is mounted or in combat, so stop to smell the roses (or pick the elfroot) from time to time.

Complete missions and talk to followers: some banter is tied to your progression through the main story (you wouldn’t want Sera spoiling the plot for you, would you?). Playing through the main story and learning more about your companions will unlock more banter.

Visit new places: Similar to party members, it’s possible to exhaust the banter for an area. It’s a great wide world out there, so go exploring.

Turn on subtitles: If you are concerned there might be something wrong with your sound system, turning on subtitles will help you identify if you’re hearing the banter as it occurs.”


A player-discovered possible solution is to mount up, ride for a moment, and then dismount, potentially ‘resetting’ the party since they disappear once your main character is mounted up. You might also try fast-traveling to camp and resting in a tent, then attempting the mount fix.

As a lot of players are 70+ hours into the game, the sooner this is repaired, the better. No one knows at this point if it’s truly a bug or simply an issue with system sound files – you know it’s a bad sign when the devs can’t replicate an issue.



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