The Five Players in Low Elo Ranked LoL


Having climbed out of low ELO, I have come across all of sorts players at some point in ranked. That being said, some of them seem to fall pretty heavily into some strong categories. They exist at all stages of the game from Bronze to Diamond (possibly even higher), but I have noticed they are more common in low elo. Are you one of these five people, and what are some funny stories you have had when encountering one of these players?

The Troll


There are two kinds of trolls. The one who likes to troll you in hilarious ways, like making it look like they will block Cait’s ult but jump on their staff last second to dodge it. The other one is the guy the one that plays ranked using Ultimate Bravery, feeds, and calls you the troll. The person rarely takes the game seriously in ranked not caring about the win or loss, but at the same time, he isn’t trying to win. He is just there to laugh at your frustration.

The Bad Player

This is the top laner that gets camped by the enemy Jarvan and feeds 6 kills before starting to entertain the idea of buying a ward. He claims the jungler needs to gank HIS lane more but he refuses to admit his lack of vision and map awareness are just a portion of the problem. This player is not only bad because of his lack of mechanics, but also because he/she will refuse to take any advice you give and treat it as hostility. The person goes one step further and tries to convince you that they are on their smurf account and their main is actually Diamond II. This is by far the most common ranked player you encounter.

The God

This is the player that just does stupidly well and makes you question your own play style. The person went jungle Fizz and you questioned him/her in champ select, but the 31/1 score by the end of the game was a clear indication that they carried the game so hard, no one on your team had a chance to feed. These are the people that rarely type in chat and almost seem rarer than a unicorn.

The Korean Try-hard

bronze 5

This player is becoming more and more prevalent in Solo Q Ranked LoL after a few LCS Worlds seasons. This is the person that exclusively watches streams from Korean players and the Korean championships. They have won worlds, so their strats are obviously a force to be reckoned with. It’s true, but while their builds are efficient, they are only efficient in the Korean meta. Their gameflow is drastically different from the NA meta. Not to mention they have a whole team running that meta. Those strategies just don’t work in North America, but this player will be damned if he doesn’t try to break the meta in ranked.

Good Guy Greg


The person that follows the Summoner’s Code, the player that utilizes DST, the guy/girl that tells you when their lane is missing, when they are roaming, and tells you good job after you score a kill, regardless if you die. This player is the textbook definition of a good player. They do exist in ranked, but always when you are at 0LP. Their win is useful, but where were they when you were in those promos to get out of Bronze?

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