The Assassin’s Creed Musical is What We All Need In Life


I… alright, everyone, I’ve just watched the video above, and I’m afraid it may have just turned me into a college sorority girl, because I literally can’t. Literally, I can’t even. Can’t even what? I have no idea. My mind has been blown by how overly musical the video is. So many tropes are filled in all the best ways! There’s the overly dramatic/artsy intro with an ensemble cast, the super catchy song that’s an exposition dump, the “once in every show” sort of song that involves deep, almost moving vocals as a character re-examines his life and ultimately finds inspiration, the catchy, uplifting ending ensemble song, and oh so many more! There’s so much camp and cheese, it blows my friggin’ mind, y’all!

Beyond that, there are so many Assassin’s Creed tropes and inside jokes to keep us laughing. I mean, seriously, who actually liked playing as Desmond? And can you drown in Black Flag? I think I need to go ahead and experiment. The quality of the video is so good, and that’s thank in no small part to the long list of individuals who worked on the YouTube video like Matt Caplan, Bruce Greene, Jaquita Ta’le, Ben Palacios, Jonah Platt, Eliot Dewberry and of course all of the crew!

As the song reminds us, Assassin’s Creed: Unity is coming out soon. No, not October 28, that’s passed. It’s actually November 11th. Whether or not you enjoy the games, I think you can agree we need more Assassin’s Creed Musical in my life. Fortunately, there are other AC musicals, though… yeah, their quality is iffy. They are still totally worth a watch.

BONUS ROUND! Pokemon: The Musical! Cute animal cruelty totally needed its own musical.

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