5 Most Anticipated November Game Releases


November is a big month for gaming this year. Well, it is for almost every year, but it is still never gentle on the wallets of gamers everywhere. Last year we had brand new consoles release during the month of November and now we have a crap ton of follow up games to play on those new consoles. It is time for developers and publishers alike to show us what they got after E3 and I am pretty stoked. These are my five most anticipated November game releases!.

Assassin’s Creed Unity – Release Date 11/11


I find the setting for Unity to be rather awesome. The French Revolution was a big deal and Americans are quick to make jokes about how quickly the French surrender things, this part of history will forever be one I will respect. At a time where it seems revolution is imminent in America, I think people can really see what can happen to a country where the citizens become fed up with their government. Sure, I really like the idea of a Co-Op AC game and the class based assassin approach is certainly new to the franchise. But the story is what I am really looking forward to. You don’t really see this portion of history in gaming. Everyone is quick to jump onto that WWII bandwagon but there are not many games out there about the revolutions in the world.

Never Alone – Release Date 11/18


I remember seeing the teaser for Never Alone at the Microsoft Press Conference during E3 and I was hooked. The art was brilliant and I really could not stop thinking about it. I wanted to know more about the game because it looked so different and unique. Turns out I was right. It is the first game being created by Native Alaskans and it uses some of their own culture’s lore as a backdrop. I have never seen a game use that sort of environment for a video game.

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham – Release Date 11/11


The LEGO games are pretty awesome. Marvel Superheroes was a really fun game with clever humor and a crap load of characters. Besides, it is Marvel, they seem to be a success in every medium possible. However, DC Comics is often the underrated company as of late and obviously everyone loves Batman. LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham seems to do what the Marvel game did, but with DC Heroes. And this makes me super happy as a DC fan. I may actually get to play as my favorite character Larfleeze and kick some ass as Agent Orange. I can’t wait to find all the Easter Eggs in the game as well.

Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire – Release Date 11/21


The Hoenn games were my least favorite. I didn’t really like any of the starter Pokemon and the diving bits were incredibly tedious and boring. The other Pokemon in the game were very unappealing as well. However, I am pretty excited for the remake because it looks like an entirely different games. Barring a few Mega Evolutions, the new forms look fantastic and I cannot wait to see how the story is changing to accommodate the new Groudon/Kyogre forms. I loved Pokemon X/Y and how much it changed Pokemon, now I get to see how that game has influenced the remake of a classic.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Release Date 11/04


I know this seems a bit out of place. Mainly because people groan at the idea of a new Call of Duty (but then they buy it anyway and downvote you into oblivion if you give it less than a score of 8) but my reason for wanting to play the upcoming military FPS is a bit different than the Dudebros in college. The presentation at E3 put me to sleep, I documented it here on Armed Gamer if you want to tale a look. But Activision really needs to pull out all the stops for this game or else people will start to lose interest. Also, I am a huge fan of House of Cards so the inclusion of Kevin Spacey is wicked awesome.


What games are you looking forward to that are being released in November 2014? Share in the comments.

About Zach Martinez

Freelancer here at Armed Gamer, North American Video Game Correspondent for Following the Nerd, and a regular on Examiner.com, Zach has made somewhat of a name for himself at the age of 23. He has been writing professionally for just over 5 years now. He doesn’t care about resolution or frames per second, he cares about what matters most, the games. You can reach reach him directly at zach.martinez09395@yahoo.com.

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  • Mac Crowley

    Lego batman makes it in but halo MCC doesn’t? K.

    • Cj Sokolowski Jr.

      Maybe because it’s not a new game but a remaster.

      • Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire made the list, despite being remakes… But I guess you could make a case for those being total overhauls while Master Chief is a collection of comparatively minor rehashes.

  • Thomas Mandichak

    Dragonage Inquisiton?

  • Scott Brady

    Doesn’t the new Dragon Age come out in November?

    • Ian Sieben

      Yes it does

  • Brian Galford

    Nope to all.

  • West TheInsane Deathtalon

    wtf is neveralone?!

  • Kyle Allen Joseph Overmon

    Far Cry 4

  • Joseph Wright

    List fail. Jk, kinda

  • stratisifre

    no smash? NO SMASH? i understand that it’s technically out for the 3ds, but you can’t tell me that mother fucking smash isn’t super anticipated. how can you not be excited to play 8 player smash bros in 1080p 60fps?

    • Ian Sieben

      Well being to the fact that EVERYONE will be on CoD Advanced Recycled Warfare its easy to say its not anticipated. I am honestly more Anticipating Smash Wii U over CoD sense CoD has never added anything new (Escalation wasn’t new neither was Spec-Ops they were basically Nazi Zombie but made for Ghosts and MODern Warfare). BUT SERIOUSLY MEWTWO IS GONNA BE AWESOME Smash move he changes to his mega (version Unknown)

  • I’m honestly a bit surprised that Smash 4 Wii U isn’t on this list… when I think of November releases, the 21st is at the forefront of my mind thanks to both ORAS and Smash releasing that same day.

    Otherwise, I’m excited for Unity, hadn’t heard of Never Alone before but it looks promising, haven’t tried the Lego Batman games yet but may give 3 a shot, and honestly couldn’t care less about Call of Duty’s yearly dose of repetition.

  • Goldpenny’s Graffix

    Yeah you kind of missed the game everyone is actually waiting for, Dragon age inquisition.

    • Ian Sieben

      not everyone some people don’t own a Xbox or Playstation or a Decent enough PC to run it. so some people are waiting for the New Smash Wii U and ORAS ( Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire)

      • Goldpenny’s Graffix

        English isn’t your first language is it?

        • Ian Sieben

          Yes it is, I don’t see what I said wrongly? Unless your talking about Punctuation.

  • Liz

    WoW: Warlords of Draenor and Smash WiiU?

  • Ian Sieben

    never Alone should be Switched with Smash Wii U or Dragon Age Inquisition. Heck why not both

  • gary

    Pikeman, Lego, but no halo? Wtf? You people need to reevaluate your system. I mean seriously, are you only catering to kids here.

  • Rob Hogan

    Uh.. No GTA for next-gen?

  • Fuck You

    Call of Duty..? Is this real life, or is this just a poorly remastered dream with the slight graphics upgrade and punch of useless side limitations to make it feel like another dream..?

  • Douglas McConnell

    what about farcry 4, dragon age inquisition, and Assassins creed rogue all released this month only one that belong on this list is the other assassins creed and call of duty, maybe pokemon

  • Chris Sheppard

    Far Cry 4 isn’t on your list, which pretty much discredit your entire list.