This Portal Fan Film is Bloody and Brilliant


In general, Portal is a pretty peaceful game. In a sense, anyway. Sure, you can die, but your ability to kill others is pretty limited, and it’s not exactly like you have a lethal weapon. Of course, that doesn’t stop others from imagining ways to make non-lethal weapons act in the most lethal way possible. Look no further than this Portal fan film by YouTube users RackaRacka!

‘Portal Gun Duel’ is a brilliantly choreographed Portal Fan Film that turns a simple portal gun prank into a violent, bloody affair in the most hilarious way possible. Cake is thrown, body parts are lost, and the overall moral of the story is this: Friends don’t throw cake at friends. That moral is void, however, if it’s really funny. Though I do have to ask how torso-guy survived that, but then again it’s best not to get too deep into the mechanics of it all. It is, after all, science-fiction and silly.

RackaRacka has a history of some well-choreographed, violent films, and of course this one is no exception. Hell, just look at the one below. It’s so goddamn violent and ridiculous, I can’t help but laugh. The parody is damn near perfect. I had to upload a mirror since the original was taken down (I assume to a copyright violation from the Power Rangers footage used). Just watch and laugh.

Make sure to check out RackaRacka for more absurd videos.

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