Infinite Crisis September Update Review


Infinite Crisis is a MOBA based in the DC Comics universe developed by Turbine (Lord of the Rings Online). It entered open beta earlier this year and it was quite enjoyable for a while. It was fun for a few months, but the game started taking a turn for the worse. New characters were not coming out in a timely manner, there were too many exploits with items that were breaking the game, and worst of all, the queue times were incredibly long. Turbine decided that the game was going to take a two month hiatus from new content and a massive update would be released at the end of September. I have spent about two weeks playing with the new patch since the release and I have to say, some of the changes are like night and day.

A lot was added, including two new characters, but before I get to that I want to talk about the biggest improvement made to Infinite Crisis, animation responsiveness. As seen here, the animation would complete before the skill would launch, it was two separate movements when it SHOULD be all one motion. The character that was affected by the the most was Sinestro, other skill shot characters like Joker Prime and Star Sapphire suffered from this animation problem and it made them almost unplayable. The September update fixed these issues and everyone else benefited from this change as well.

Another massive problem with Infinite Crisis was the queue times to get into games. Many players were waiting for 15+ minutes to get into games. While efforts were made to shorten these times, none seemed to work. Now it rarely takes 6 minutes to find a game, depending on the time of day. People don’t have to wait as long, and you get to play more games. It was a win/win.


Turbine was getting plenty of complaints about the main UI. This patch gave us a great new look that is organized and clean, something the previous UI lacked. In addition, we were given new tutorials for new players. Upon completing said tutorials you unlock a new characters like Gaslight Batman and Doomsday. This way you don’t have to rely solely on free week characters. I want more MOBAs to adapt this feature because it gives new players a consistent character to learn.

Atomic Joker and Nightmare Robin are the two new characters added in the update and both are incredibly unique to the game. I would have to say I have the most fun with Nightmare Robin out the of the two, possibly because he is also voiced by one of my favorite voice actors, James Arnold Taylor (Tidus from FFX, Ratchet from Ratchet and Clank). Atomic Joker is voiced by Nolan North speaking into a jar. The downside to these additions is the count for Batman characters hits 13. So the game got just a bit less diverse. Luckily the next character is Stargirl. With the new characters came even more lore to help flesh out the Infinite Crisis universe.

This patch is not without problems though. Existing players received refunds for characters you obtain through the tutorial, however, refunds were not issued for mods (similar to the LoL Rune System) of items that have been removed from the game. Miniscule yes, but that 250 Merit (free currency for winning games) can be the last bit needed to get a new character. An even more costly issue, in my opinion, is the increase in average ping. Prior, I had maybe 80 ping at the highest, now I have 150 every game, and it is almost unplayable because of this lag. I believe a server upgrade is in order.

After everything is said and done, now would be a fantastic time to start playing Infinite Crisis. The Infinite Crisis September Update was a great step forward for the game and it shows that Turbine wants to take the game further. You can download it here and try it for yourself.

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