A Great Weekend for Free Games: Oct 16-19


If you’re looking for a way to kill time this weekend, and you’ve already knocked out all your other responsibilities (or are procrastinating), save your money and stay out of Gamestop. Steam’s got a pretty heavy weekend of free games this time around – 10 of them, to be exact.

The games are currently available to play for free until Sunday, October 19th as part of Steam’s Free Weekend Weekend. They’ll also be 50 to 80% off until the free weekend ends if you find yourself hooked on them after Sunday. I’ll apologize for Steam on behalf of those on Fall Break until Monday.

With that said, here’s the lineup:


Blade Symphony


You thought Killing Floor was a super serious zombie slaying thing, right?

Company of Heroes 2

Don’t Starve

Grid 2


Killing Floor

Payday 2

Trine 2

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

To play these games, you only need to crack open your Steam library to find all 10 titles ready and waiting for you to download them. Steam just removes them if the free weekend ends and you haven’t paid the discounted price for them, but it’s a good idea to grab them as soon as possible – the discounts are probably about as good as you’re going to get.

I’ll take that $30 game for over half the price, thanks.

Since it seems to be a particularly generous week for gaming retailers, I’ll also add that GOG.com is giving away free copies of Alien Versus Predator Classic until Sunday, if you sign up for GOG’s up-and-coming Steam-like platform. At the same time, Xbox One is giving out free copies of Darksiders 2 for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. Depending on how you feel about Xbox subscriptions, now might be a great time to start one if you want a $50 game for free.

Lastly, EA’s hopped on the free games bandwagon as well, provided you have Origin downloaded:

Bejeweled 3

Fifa World

Titanfall (Origin Game Time)

Thanks to Origin’s built in time clock, you’ll only be able to play Titanfall for 48 hours as a bit of a test run, but hey, it’s a time killer, as well as a good way to see what your computer can handle if you were thinking of playing something with a similar graphical load.

I’ve given you over ten reasons to kick back and relax this weekend. Use these gifts well.

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