Extra Life Needs You!


Guys, it’s been a rough several decades.

We’ve snatched the Triforce of Power from the hands of evil. We’ve rescued a princess in pink from numerous castles, thwarting her giant turtle-like kidnapper. The paladins and assassins were no match for our perseverance, and Reach will never forget our honorable sacrifice. The digital world is under the protection of the same individuals whose determination and dedication delivered a country from the tyrannical rule of an alien government, and stopped a world-destroying dragon in its tracks. Even now, we celebrate the success of a team of adventurers who have time and time again interrupted the destruction of our dearly loved Azeroth.

Will you take on one more challenge?


Extra Life is a campaign that began in 2008, to honor the memory of Victoria Enmon. She fought acute lymphoblastic leukemia as long as possible, until the disease sadly claimed her life in early 2008. Members of the online community Sarcastic Gamer sent gifts of video games and other gifts to help lift her spirits, showing Victoria the love and support she needed to fight her illness.

Here’s where you come in. Your job, my friends, is to play games.unclemasterchief

The only thing you have to do is play videogames for 24 hours, which can start any time before October 25th. Register at the fundraising campaign’s website and do your best to gather your party – aka, your sponsors. Every bit of money you make will go to the Children’s Miracle Network, which raises funds for children’s hospitals and medical research.

You’ve fought the battles that determined the fate of hundreds of worlds. Now, I ask this of you: Fight for the new generation of gamers. Those kids can’t fight those battles by themselves for long, even with the best equipment out there. The more money hospitals and research receive, the closer doctors can come to finding cures for children who suffer from cancers and other fatal diseases. Extra Life needs you, and those kids could definitely use a bucket full of 1ups.

If you play games, you’re already halfway there – grab a Twitch stream and some sponsors and play your heart out. You might not be slaying dragons or cutting down demonic forces, but you’re definitely fighting a battle a lot closer to home.


Join us here at Armed Gamer in saving our kids!

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Deborah is a 22 year old semi-hermit currently plodding through her senior year of college and getting her feet wet in game journalism. She has a somewhat unhealthy obsession with high fantasy, video games, novels, and Elder Scrolls. When she's not in front of a screen, she enjoys singing and a bit of beading. She's also currently on the hunt for the restaurant with the best cheeseburger.

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