5 More Steam Early Access Games to Keep On Your Radar


The early-access marketplace on Steam is always a gamble. Sometimes the games are great, other times they are barely playable messes. Sometimes they never get finished. It’s hard to make sure you aren’t being cheated. Fortunately we’re here!

You may remember our previous Early Access Games list that included great games like Nosgoth and Lichdom: Battlemage. Since then the early-access marketplace has grown and changed, and well… we have even more games to share with all of you now!

DISCLAIMER: Any views expressed in this list regarding Early Access games is all subject to change when the game is released in a final build or any content updates in-between. Be sure to take the necessary risks in purchasing a game that is being developed as you play it. Glitches and other problems will most likely be fixed upon game completion.

1. The Red Solstice

Red Solstice Screen 5

The Red Solstice is a co-op sci-fi shooter from Ironward and Nkidu Games Inc. Currently in Alpha Stage on Steam, the game has quite a bit to play despite being so early in development. You and a group of people will be able to fight massive monsters and large hordes of aliens with diverse weaponry and skills. Red Solstice has a number of classes to choose from and they fit your standard RPG archetypes. What I really like about RS is the ability to support eight player Co-Op. It offers a new experience to this sort of game and the missions utilize those eight players very well. Red Solstice is fast, it is hectic, and it is challenging. However, the UI sucks, the tutorial doesn’t really help ease you into the game, and the visuals could be smoothed out a bit. We will see on release day, but the game has a lot of promise.

2. Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms


I love me an Action RPG. Dungeon crawlers are the best for this genre and Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms is one interesting game. You play as a demon that takes ownership of dead peoples’s souls and uses them as puppets to do his bidding in the real world. As you play the game you will jump back and forth between the puppets and “The Devourer”. The art is heavy on gothic fantasy and it looks pretty damn cool. The level design could use some work but this game is in Alpha right now. Something that I find interesting about Heretic though is the pricing. You can buy it now and get “Book II” free (which is part two of the game). So basically if you adopt the Early Access version, you pay significantly less than the full price for two games. That’s something I would like to see more companies do for Early Access.

3. Dungeon of the Endless


Dungeon of the Endless gives us an interesting blend of tower defense and dungeon crawling. You have to explore as much of the dungeon as possible, floor by floor. Monsters inhabit every room and you start with a few dungeoneers to begin your quest, some resources like food, technology points and science points. You will use these to create structures to generate more resources to better fight monsters. After you explore everything and find the exit, you have to make a dash for the next floor. It truly is a unique game and even though the visuals are very “pixel low-fi” it works for the game. I am really excited to see what this game has to offer when it is fully released.

4. The Long Dark


A new survival game is on the horizon and I know Steam Early Access has way too many of those, but The Long Dark is pretty interesting. You have to survive in the wilderness, in the middle of winter. You scavenge for food, stuff to make a fire, and other survival things. The art is pretty cool and very artsy, you get a real feeling of desolation and that is something you need in a survival game. The game does a good job of giving you a sense of success, when you find an energy bar or a soda can. The Long Dark is an interesting survival game that does something new, keep to the genre. There aren’t any monsters or some big plot. You just have to survive.

5. Prison Architect


I haven’t really mentioned Prison Architect on Armed Gamer yet, and that’s an oversight. The game has grown quite a bit since it first released. Updates are few and far between but something new is always added. At first, the game was a little confusing and difficult, but now Prison Architect has a more direct approach to how you progress your prison. It’s more structured and it makes the game much more enjoyable. Building the actual prison is just as fun as seeing what happens with inmates with clashing personalities. The game is like a version of The Sims, except you don’t really control anyone, just the benevolent spirit that tells construction workers what to build. It’s a game about building the best -or most efficient- prison ever.

So that’s the list! Have you played any of these games? What did you think? What games should we include on our next list? Let us know in the comments!

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