Top 5 of My Guilty Gaming Pleasures


We all have those games that we are sort of ashamed to say we play or like. It can pretty much be anything in today’s gaming library. From Goat Simulator ( or any kind of simulator ) to Candy Crush Saga. While your guilty pleasures differ from your own personal taste, there will always be exceptions to a rule. In these cases, they are games that basically go against what you preach or make fun of other people for.

The most important thing is that you have fun, and if having fun consists of a 30 year old man playing the latest 3DS Barbie game, so be it. Leave your guilty gaming pleasures in the comments, maybe you and your gaming brethren have more in common than you think. Anyways, this is a list of my Top 5 Guilty Gaming Pleasures (No Order).

1. MOBAs


There is no kind of game, like a F2P MOBA game. For as long as I can remember, I have been against games that are “PvP” only, I condemned other gamers for buying the new Call of Duty just for the multiplayer. I always thought that having a lasting singleplayer was the only thing that made a game good. I was so outspoken against multiplayer. I hated it when it was introduced in Assassin’s Creed and I hated it when it was included in Bioshock 2. It shouldn’t be a shocker as to why games like SMITE, League of Legends, and Infinite Crisis are some of the games I play the most now. Hypocritical? Of course, but the PvP genre has grown on me, even if the other players have had sexual relations with my mother, or so they claim.


2. Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise


I wasn’t quite an adult when I found out about Viva Pinata. When the first game came out on the Xbox 360 I certainly downloaded the demo and I enjoyed it. Then I watched the show that it was all based on. Clearly the two had nothing in common besides being the same IP, but for some reason I really enjoyed it. Let’s be real though, Viva Pinata is a kid’s game. Why should I be condemned by the gaming community for liking Viva Pinata when so many people like that pony cartoon? Oh yeah, because it sort of looks weird for someone my age to like something not geared toward my demographic. I found the second Viva Pinata game to be incredibly fun, and I still play it off and on today. Yes, breeding the pinata does get a bit creepy and yes the dialogue is questionable. But maybe that is why I like it, because it isn’t a sepia tone shooter with gruff macho men as lead characters that I am supposed to relate with.


3. Clash of Clans


I have zero attention span when it comes to mobile games. The only game I play consistently is Flow Free, because I like puzzles. However, Clash of Clans is an insanely popular game that one of my roommates plays. The game is what you expect, you have to wait for stuff to be created or you can spend money to make it all go faster. Basically, it is what people judge EA for doing to every one of their games (over-exaggeration I know but this is how I hear people when they talk about how much they hate EA). I find the system to exploit the impatient but who am I to judge right? I play the game, but haven’t spent a dime. Sure it is a bit boring when you are trying to get enough units to attack someone during a Clan War but there is a certain level of effort to Clash of Clans that appeals to me. By level of effort I mean a lack of. I boot the game, set two things to start building, start a queue of units, and close the game until those are done. It is simple, it doesn’t want me to spend 30 hours grinding in a singular cave for an item I will use on my character for 30 hours until I find something better.


4. Anything on my Xbox One


I regret buying a Xbox One. I would have regretted buying a PS4 even more. They lack exclusive titles, and regardless of what people say, exclusives matter. You didn’t buy a PS2 for a game that was also on the Gamecube or Xbox, you bought it because it was the only console that allowed you to play God of War or Rachet and Clank. What’s the point of owning the eighth generation of consoles? There isn’t unless you want something “new” and “shiny” gathering dust in your entertainment center. I have quite a few games on my Xbone, but I hardly play any of them and they are games you can either get on the competing console, or last generation. I would hardly call it a “pleasure” when I play it, but I am guilty of owning one, and that is close enough right?


5. A Variety of Moe NISA Games on my PS3


The one thing the PS3 dominates in is RPGs of the Japanese variety. As of late, Square Enix has let down nearly every fan of the genre but at least NISA has been filling that void, sort of. The game’s feel a bit rushed, and some of them are downright carbon copies of each other with some new bells and whistles, but I still enjoy playing them. It gives me reason to keep playing the last generation. The games are riddled with anime tropes and annoy me to death with busty women acting either incredibly ditzy or ridiculously confident that would give any Japanophile a stiffy, but sometimes, I need some of that level of stupid in my life to keep me grounded.

About Zach Martinez

Freelancer here at Armed Gamer, North American Video Game Correspondent for Following the Nerd, and a regular on Examiner.com, Zach has made somewhat of a name for himself at the age of 23. He has been writing professionally for just over 5 years now. He doesn’t care about resolution or frames per second, he cares about what matters most, the games. You can reach reach him directly at zach.martinez09395@yahoo.com.

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  • Perkuns

    According to most PvP players they all had sexual relationships with everyone’s mothers

  • Drew Robinson

    Not gonna lie..I love viva pinata more than I should.

  • They Live

    lol, “EXCLUSIVES MATTER!” Not at all. You don’t see the consoles selling much better because a game came out exclusively for it. However, games sales increase drastically when something goes multi platform. Remember Resident Evil 4?

    • ChoKeller

      You’re confusing games sales with console sales. And yes, exclusives drive consoles sales. Don’t think so? Check Xbox Ones sales again when the Masterchief collection drops in a couple weeks. You are right about games selling better when they go multi-platform, that is true. COD is a perfect example. Exclusives move consoles, that simple.

      • They Live

        In some cases, I agree, but its rare. I didn’t see people rushing out to get a PS3 so they could play Heavy Rain or Shadow of the Colossus and Ico collection or LittleBig Planet. I didn’t see people running out to get a PS Vita to play Resistance: Burning Skies or Killzone : Mercenary. I didn’t see anyone rushing over to the Gamecube for the Resident Evil Remake. I suppose if you had enough exclusives you could potentially drive more people over to your system. But its much better if they come out multiplat so EVERYONE can enjoy them regardless of platform. After all I have no dedication to one company or logo. Im a gamer and I just want to play game. The only example I have seen as of late is people buying either a Wii U or 3DS for Smash Bros (which I did). But that is also technically a multiplat game, however it is only being released for Nintendo Hardware. So yes, some exclusives do push the sale of the consoles. It just doesnt happen often. Halo will likely be one of those game (even though I dont care for it) because it was huge when it came out.

        • ChoKeller

          Right but that’s what I was pointing out. Smash bros is a system seller because it’s on the Nintendo platforms and Halo will do the same for Microsoft. That’s what exclusives do for the business and why they matter. Gamers want to follow they’re games. And believe it or not there are people out there right now that are buying the PS3 for Heavy Rain, Shadow of the Colossus/Ico, and Little Big Planet. I know because I’m one of them.
          You’re not wrong not wrong in saying a game does better when it goes multi-platform. but when it goes exclusive and people want it, that title will move a couple hundred consoles and that’s what the console makers are banking on.

          • They Live

            lol I hear you man. Im just saying as well, they arent the be-all end-all for hardware. But yeah I suppose I should rephrase that into “They Matter…somewhat!” Because its true that I have seen a few people say “Damn I want that game.” And go get the console. In fact, guilty over here as well, the best version of Ninja Gaiden II is on Xbox360. Had to get one to play that. Because fuck the butchered Sigma II version.

  • V’ladimir Bowlsworth

    Well.. You have a shit taste in games. lol