PSA: GTA Online May Soon Be Inaccessible to 12GB PS3 Owners


Digital Distribution ever pushes its way forward, however some gamers may soon find themselves in a bit of a pickle. Owners of the 12GB version of Sony’s PlayStation 3 will soon have to upgrade their hard drive, or risk being cut off from Grand Theft Auto Online. As the game grows, the patches may soon be too much for the storage on the hard drive.

Rockstar Games’s website states that the new future patches of the game will require an upgrade in storage, but for the moment, at least, gamers are fine.

In order to upgrade your hard drive, you will need to buy a mounting bracket and follow the instruction manual on how to install. You can also follow along with the video embedded below.

Heists, which was a major selling point of the online component of Grand Theft Auto 5 have still not found their way into GTA Online. The last word on them was that they were delayed, but there is no concrete news on when the fabled DLC will actually arrive.

One can only assume the need for a hard drive larger than 12GB comes from their planned release of the heists DLC, but without official word, that’s all just speculation.

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