A Bug in Destiny Reveals Many of the Game’s Deeper Issues


In a video that’s been making the rounds lately, one Destiny player has managed to find some clues to content that isn’t available to any of us: At least not yet. The bug in Destiny showed options to go to missions on The Reef (an area we haven’t been able to explore at ALL yet), and other new missions on other lands like Earth, Venus, and Mars.

What’s really interesting about this bug is that it starts to piece together the map a little better. We can actually almost see and envision The Reef as a playable space. We also get hints at what the expansions are going to be, but in the end there is so much more that I think most of us players find fascinating. On Metacritic, the critic metascore based off 82 critics is 77 while the user score rests somewhere around a 6.5. The biggest complaint about the game? It just feels lacking in many respects. The mechanics are all there, and the actual playing is fine, but it’s a relatively small game, which makes it repetitive. The narrative is barely there or explained except if you read the Grimoire Cards on the game’s companion app on your tablet or phone. It feels nothing like what we promised. This bug shows us at least some of what many of us were hoping to receive day 1: more areas to explore and missions that could have perhaps added to the plot.

The “expansion” missions are only a few, it seems, and from what I can tell, it’s unlikely they’ll add significantly to the plot. The expansions only crowd the tiny maps on each location even more instead of growing the map out. What if we saw missions in New York, or Antarcitca, or on a city built on top of Olympus Mons on Mars? We need more variety in our missions as well. Sword of Crota was fantastic if only because it did something only slightly different. Hell, I want to wield a sword ALL the time, or play a PVP game at least that allows it. I don’t know what the expansion missions are actually going to be like, but considering everything takes place in the same general regions we are all aware of (except for The Reef, admittedly) instead of anything that would actually be interesting and provide us with unique environments. It’s worrying to say the least.

I started doing a little bit more digging because I was curious. Where did the game we were promised go? It seems at least some of this may have had to do with Joe Staten, Bungie’s lead writer leaving back in 2013. It can seem like coincidence on some level, but a closer look at the evidence actually seems to add it all up pretty well. there used to be talk of faction wars that we never get, and a narrative we never saw. In fact, it sounds like a reasonable, clear narrative written down by someone on bungie.net. Where did the Grimoire Cards come from? According to the linked post above, it looks like those cards were written starting back in February by one person. Instead of creating the narrative, they scrapped all but the bare bones, and since they couldn’t put it into the game without delaying it further, they instead created a companion app to hopefully fill in those holes.

Mind you, a lot of that is speculation. It’s just trying to find a reason why the game we got is so far removed from expectations or what we were promised. The thing is though, it all actually makes sense. There’s obviously a lot they intended to put in, but didn’t. Looking back at some of the developer commentary over the past few years, for example, shows other features that have been removed including a method to trade equipment. As this IGN article noted, some of the character interactions (when we do see interactions) are a little strange given what little plot we have in the actual game as well.

Don’t get me wrong: I have played a LOT of Destiny, and I probably will continue to do so when the expansions are released, but it is by no means the game we were promised. The remaining question, though, is whether this is a game that will actually give us what we were promised. Will we see an epic MMOFPS in space? I am skeptical on that. Expansions, DLC, and patches could all be combined to give us something worth playing, but considering Activision’s focus on pure profits, I can’t see this coming. It’s disheartening, but that’s just the way it works, unfortunately. I’ve love to eat those words, though. Activision, Bungie, please prove me wrong!

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