This is the Best Gamergate Video Yet


Gamergate has been a huge deal lately. All sides are firing back and forth at each other, and gamers in particular have been decrying a lack of objectivity in the games journalism industry. “Unethical” has been a word thrown around pretty liberally with many claiming that games journalism sites lack absolutely all standard ethics any member of the press should maintain. The Internetaristocrat’s Gamergate video series has skyrocketed him to minor fame, but what about a view that’s a little more reasonable and contains a little more authority?

YouTube user Super Bunnyhop is an incredibly intelligent games journalist and video creator with degrees in journalism. He recently attended Dragon Con during the whole Gamergate debacle and walked away with quite an interesting perspective. He extrapolated from there to come to some interesting points. He also used his own connections to actually sit down with people deeply involved in ethics and journalism outside the games press to discuss the ethics line. As far as I’m aware, he’s the only voice in this whole process to actually do that, and it makes for some compelling viewing if only because it adds legitimacy to many concerns from gamers. Is getting swag at an industry even unethical? How about sitting down for half an hour with a developer over drinks? When a friendship develops, is that unethical?

The answers, it turns out, are “it’s a matter of degrees.” Getting a tote bag really isn’t all that unethical, but accepting a free weekend in a 5-star hotel surrounded by developer advertisements would be unethical. Sending a contact a Christmas card isn’t really unethical, but receiving a large Christmas gift of bonus absolutely is. Meeting for drinks at an industry event is treading the line, but becoming roommates with a source is 100% unethical.

Super Bunnyhop’s video is a little over 20 minutes long, but I would honestly recommend sitting down and watching it all the way through.

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