A Weekend of DDoS: PSN, Riot, CCP, Microsoft, Blizzard Affected


This weekend, a group of “hackers” known as Lizard Squad took down a variety of games and online services many gamers enjoy including Battle.net, PSN, League of Legends, and EVE Online. On their Twitter account, Lizard Squad bragged about the attacks and claimed responsibility, adding “You can’t arrest me im god. [sic]”.

While these “attacks” aren’t necessarily hacking, they certainly aren’t fun. It appears they were only DDoS attacks, which are simple enough for any script kiddie to perform, and no one’s personal data was at risk.

In addition to the DDoS attacks, the president of Sony Entertainment Online, John Smedley’s, plane was diverted after a bomb scare was called in by Lizard Squad. They tweeted the following to American Airlines:

Adding credibility to the threat was another tweet (since taken down) that included a link to an image of an e-ticket to Smedley’s flight. Flight 362 was diverted off its original destination of San Diego to Phoenix, Arizona while the FBI investigated. Lizard Squad also retweeted the following photo of bags from the plane being checked on the tarmac.  

Currently, the attacks have stopped on all services, and they are back up and running. Lizard Squad, meanwhile, continues to taunt everyone involved, retweeting statements of people saying he will be caught, etc.


No real motive for the DDoS attacks have been mentioned, however Lizard Squad seems quite happy to drop fake motives and confuse some members of the press by hashtagging ISIS, Jihad, and ISIL. Of course, this wouldn’t be a fun story without a few twists, would it? Lizard Squad might not be responsible for the attacks despite claiming responsibility (though the fake bomb threat appears to totally be Lizard Squad’s work). Another player entered the field by the name of “Fame” who seemed to cast light on whether or not Lizard Squad actually did anything:  

“Fame” also tweeted other lists of IP addresses and threatened Microsoft who was later taken down via DDoS. Of course,  this is all speculation and no one has been confirmed to be the true… well I guess hacker is the wrong term, so the true DDoSer.  No arrests have been made from the bomb threat to the plane John Smedley was on.

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