VR Coasters Are on the Way!


What happens if you put the Occulus Rift on while riding a roller coaster? Apparently some pretty amazing experiences!

In Germany earlier this year,  Thomas Wagner approached Mack Rides (a roller coaster manufacturer) with the idea of implementing the Occulus Rift on a roller coaster: VR coasters, if you will. Could it be possible to synchronize the immersive experience the Rift allows with an actual roller coaster? The answer, apparently, is yes!

There are some amazing looking projects developed by more than 40 students from the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern, and they are developing these experiences for two coasters: Blue Fire and Pegasus, both located in Europa-Park, Germany. And just because developing an Occulus Rift add-on to a roller coaster might not sound cool enough, those students were able to ride the coasters after the park closed on multiple occasions until they had the experience just right.

Another really cool function of adding VR to roller coasters is the ability to mess with the player’s perceptions. On an actual roller coaster, you the turns coming up, and you know you have to end where you started. These programs, however, allow developers to mess with those expectations in a very real way. The developers also can add interactivity via rail-shooter mechanics into their projects, turning them into interesting and fun games that also happen to be exciting rides unlike what we’ve seen before.

You can see generally what some of it is going to look like above, and make sure to check out their website for some more awesome and interesting developments!

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