Shiny Pokemon Event To Coincide with Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby Launch


It’s nothing new for Pokemon to run  a special event. Last year’s Pokemon X and Pokemon Y launch came hand in hand with a shiny Pokemon event.  Players could download a Torchic holding Blazikenite, allowing for Mega Evolution. So it’s completely natural to assume that the upcoming Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Pokemon Omega Ruby will also coincide with a special event Pokemon. And you would assume correctly.

This time around, come November 21st, a shiny Bedlum armed with a Mega Stone will be available for a specific amount of time. Bedlum, who eventually evolves into Metagross, will then be able to Mega Evolve into shiny Metagross.

Considering my luck with never running into a shiny Pokemon ever, nor being able to breed anything shiny, this will be my first shiny Pokemon outside of the Red Gyrados you are practically given in Pokemon Gold, Pokemon Silver, Pokemon HeartGold and Pokemon SoulSilver.

It was also announced that several other Pokemon are being given Mega Evolutions. Lopunny, Altaria, and Salemence are finally joining the club.

In any case, you can be sure that I’ll be logging onto the internet and downloading my Shiny Bedlum on day one. Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Pokemon Omega Ruby launch on the Nintendo 3DS on November 21st.

About Emily Horton

Emily is just your average twenty something girl who discovered her love for gaming at the age of three or four, all thanks to her older brothers. Mario, The Lion King, Aladdin, Zelda were her first loves, but Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Tales, and pretty much all Japanese games eventually fell into that category. She has an unhealthy obsession with Pikachu, hoodies, her 3DS, t-shirts, plushies, and purses. She may also fancy herself as an excellent lawyer due to number of times she has played through the Ace Attorney series. Outside of videogames, she is a Disney, Harry Potter, and Tolkien fanatic, while also recently discovering that she is now a hardcore fan of Supernatural thanks to Netflix allowing her to watch eight seasons rapid fire. She has elvish writing, the Deathly Hallows, a rather large Tinkerbelle and a large Yuna from Final Fantasy X all tattooed on her body, with only more geeky stuff to be added. Currently working on her own fantasy novel, she hopes to publish it eventually once all the kinks are worked out.

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