BioWare’s New ARG: Seeking Henna


If you’re a fan of BioWare, you may have received some emails about their latest Alternate Reality Game, Seeking Henna.

So the game has been going on for about 16 days now, and it looks like the storyline so far involves a missing woman named Henna. It’s also heavily tied to the apparently new IP they’re launching with the tag line “You Have Been Chosen”.

The ARG appears to have really kicked in when a woman named Kristina who runs Dulfy.net, a website devoted to MMORPGs, received an email with an attached photo asking about a college named Woods-Watson Institute  with the words “Please help! Seekinghenna.com” hand-written on the bottom.

The ARG has slowly continued to develop from there, and it looks like there’s going to be more information to come at this year’s Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. We should allegedly learn more about the “You Have Been Chosen” storyline/advertising tomorrow.

The problem with this ARG seems to be that very few people have really pursued it so far. While ARGs like “I Love Bees” and “Year Zero” attracted massive followings, and were generally considered massive successes, “Seeking Henna” is at a slow burn. This is most likely due in no small part to the other ARGs’ tie-ins with established brands/IPs. “I Love Bees” was, of course, for Halo 3, and “Year Zero” was an ARG tied to the release of a Nine Inch Nails album.

BioWare seems to be trying to drum up hype for a new IP with Seeking Henna, but that is a massive hurdle to overcome. Finding participants willing to go great lengths to solve the mystery is difficult without the established fanbase of a previous installment in the series. In order to accomplish this, BioWare needs to make sure the ARG is incredibly interesting. “The Beast,” after all, was for a new IP (granted it was a movie), and that was widely considered one of the most successful ARGs ever.

The Seeking Henna subreddit was created 10 days before the ARG started, and so far there are only 355 subscribers. The first trailer for the game (featured above) was released late July and sent out via email, but so far it’s still only accumulated less than 1 million views. Then again, this is relatively early on, and there is definitely more to come from the looks of it.

Seeking Henna is actually pretty interesting and worth taking a look at if you enjoy crowd-sourced puzzles. Give it a look!

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