World Record Broken for Pokemon Red Speed Run


The speed running community has been breathing life into older games for quite a while now. From Megaman to Mario, gamers are always looking to become the fastest at any particular title. Recently one YouTuber, Charlie Armitz, broke the world record for the fastest Pokemon Red speed run, clocking in at 1:51:13.4. The previous record, for reference, was 1:52:37.43. That is absolutely phenomenal!

What’s actually really cool about the video above is the commentary provided by Armitz. He explains a lot about the history in the Pokemon speed running community and the strategies behind it. He was apparently really lucky in finding a Lvl 4 Nidoran in his first try (About 40% chance, he says) and capturing it with his first Pokeball (about a 34% chance). The Nidoran also had some very good DVs, which helped him get an early time advantage which he maintained for the rest of the playthrough. This is a video that not only serves as an impressive example of gaming dedication, but it’s a great way to introduce yourself to the terminology and strategies in the Pokemon speed running community. Give it a watch!

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