What I’d Like To See In Kingdom Hearts 3


We’ve pretty much established that I have a full blown love affair with Final Fantasy, however, my love for Disney is certainly comparable, if not bigger. So when Square Enix first decided to combine the two in the Kingdom Hearts series, you can understand why I got a lady boner. Sure it might sound strange to mash these two complete different things together, but it worked. Not only did it work, but it was a damn hit.

Naturally my lady boner grew yet again during last year’s Kingdom Hearts 3 announcement. I was, as well as plenty of other fans, simply ecstatic over the news. Alas, the game still has no release date, and it appears it won’t be coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One any time soon. However, this leaves me plenty of time to asses and obsess over all the things I think this new title needs to have.

1. Frozen

Whether you love or hate the movie, Frozen completely took the world by storm this year. It was the first movie to really cut out the men, and make the story about two strong female characters and the bonds of sisterly love. Screw that true love’s kiss bullshit for once. Let’s not forget that Frozen’s soundtrack is beyond catchy, and Let It Go is by far one of the most over played songs this year. However, one listen to the imagined Frozen world field theme and the imagined Frozen battle theme makes me want to jump for joy. It could totally happen!

2. The Avengers

Sure it’s Marvel, but it’s also owned by Disney. Square Enix used Pirates of the Caribbean, after all! They are also already utilizing some of the Marvel super heroes in the upcoming Disney Infinity 2.0, so one can only hope that they also incorporate them into Kingdom Hearts 3. Just picture Sora in a super hero costume while carrying an Avengers themed or Iron Man themed Keyblade. Or hell, Goofy with Captain America’s shield! I. NEED. THIS. NOW.

3. Star Wars

Ironically enough, I’m not even a huge Star Wars fan, however, with Disney now owning the rights they might as well throw Sora into this classic universe. Let him run with Han Solo, or help Luke take on Darth Vader. Perhaps a fun run-in with Yoda, or an opportunity to deliver pain to Jar Jar? Perhaps something similar to the ship building travel between worlds from the first game, but involving X-Wings and the Millenium Falcon? Oh, and two words: “Lightsaber Keyblade!”

4. Final Fantasy IX

While Kingdom Hearts has utilized a butt ton of Final Fantasy characters, a good chunk of them are from Final Fantasy VII. Some Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy X also appear as well, but there is a severe lack of Final Fantasy IX characters. Perhaps it’s because it was the first Final Fantasy I played before I made my way backwards, but I seriously love IX.. Vivi or Zidane in particular would be fantastic additions to the upcoming game.

5. Tangled

Like Frozen, Tangled was a giant hit when Disney first retold the story of Rapunzel. Catchy tunes, a lovable yet silly male lead, and a princess that kicks ass with her ridiculously long hair are the correct formula for an excellent story. Honestly, I’m unsure if I’d want Flynn as the companion or Rapunzel. However, if it was Rapunzel then it would have to be her pre-haircut, and of course armed with her trusty frying pan.

These are just a few things I’m dying to see in the upcoming game. Obviously my fingers are crossed for the return of the Pride Lands, Halloween Town, Wonderland, and all the old characters. But now more than ever, Disney and Square Enix has tons of new stories and characters in the palm of their hands. Let’s not forget Wreck It Ralph, Brave and even The Princess and the Frog. So please, please, please, make my dreams come true.

What other things would you like to see in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3?

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Emily is just your average twenty something girl who discovered her love for gaming at the age of three or four, all thanks to her older brothers. Mario, The Lion King, Aladdin, Zelda were her first loves, but Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Tales, and pretty much all Japanese games eventually fell into that category. She has an unhealthy obsession with Pikachu, hoodies, her 3DS, t-shirts, plushies, and purses. She may also fancy herself as an excellent lawyer due to number of times she has played through the Ace Attorney series. Outside of videogames, she is a Disney, Harry Potter, and Tolkien fanatic, while also recently discovering that she is now a hardcore fan of Supernatural thanks to Netflix allowing her to watch eight seasons rapid fire. She has elvish writing, the Deathly Hallows, a rather large Tinkerbelle and a large Yuna from Final Fantasy X all tattooed on her body, with only more geeky stuff to be added. Currently working on her own fantasy novel, she hopes to publish it eventually once all the kinks are worked out.

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