This Trailer Perfectly Sums Up League of Legends


If you could advertise League of Legends exactly as it was, what would you say? That’s what YouTube user RossBoomsocks sought to do with his honest League of Legends trailer posted earlier today. The trailer hilariously sums up exactly how many of us feel about the game. It’s… sort of like an abusive relationship. We hate the things it does to us, but somehow we can’t seem to pull ourselves away from it. Right from the start he gets to the point. “Do you hate your life?” If we’re playing League of Legends… probably. But that’s okay, because the game is still ridiculously fun.

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About Stephen Crane

Stephen was hooked by the NES at a very young age and never looked back. He games on a daily basis and is currently trying to climb his way up the ranked ladder on League of Legends! Outside of the video game world he actually likes running and owns a rapidly growing collection of toed shoes. Stephen Crane is the owner of Armed Gamer.

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