Top 5 Worst Games Publishers of 2013 – Now


Lists like these are always hard to make. I tried to make an incredibly technical one with a lot of criteria, but it did not go over so well. I started from scratch and I am only considering the one thing that should be taken into account: the games. There are no “ethics” rules in this list. EA is excluded because it’s too easy to ride that bandwagon. I have taken my own personal experiences into account as well as other gamers’ on forums and threads alike.

Here are the Top 5 Worst Games Publishers of 2013-2014!

5. Ubisoft


Ubisoft has been under plenty of scrutiny lately. First it was the reasons for not including playable female assassins in the upcoming Assassin’s Creed game. Then it was Watch_Dogs which scored poorly due to it not living up to the visual hype, only to further find out that Ubisoft purposefully dumbed down the PC visuals to make the console graphics look better. The refusal to optimize games for PC while still releasing games for the platform regularly, and the ridiculous reasons for not including a playable female assassin in Unity really makes Ubisoft one of the worst publishers of the first half of 2014. While I found Child of Light to be a breath of fresh air, it is really hard to ignore these two major faults from the company. Hopefully, Ubisoft’s future games will be released with minimal problems.

4. Activision


Despite the fan hate, the Call of Duty franchise is still one of the best selling games of the last generation. People hated the idea of CoD: Ghosts both in terms of singleplayer and multiplayer, yet it sold incredibly well. This is a company that has no problem releasing the same game every year and pumping 80% of the development budget to marketing so people will end up buying the game just to hate on it. This year we have a new developer behind the esteemed franchise and while I was looking forward to seeing what it had to offer, the presentation put me to sleep at E3. They are also releasing a new Skylanders game not even a year after the previous one. So people who sink money into Skylanders figures will not only have to buy the new Trap Master Skylanders, but also the new trap pieces that function with the game. Couple this with no sign of the Reaper of Souls expansion for last-generation consoles but a new collection for current-generation is a real kick in the nuts for people who bought Diablo III console buyers. Activision does not seem to have gamers in mind and they are only seeing dollar signs.

3. Square Enix


Now this is a company that needs to get its head out of the clouds. Abandoning the Fabula Nova Chrystallis series, creating two unneeded sequels to Final Fantasy 13, renaming Versus XIII to Final Fantasy XV as well as developing it at the same time as Kingdom Hearts III are just a few of the wrongdoings done by Square Enix. When you add $40 iPad games and senseless reboots like Hitman Absolution and Thief, you have a company that has no idea where its history book is. Sure, Square Enix gave us that glimmer of hope with Bravely Default but when your entire fanbase was created with quality JRPGs, it is hard to even consider getting games like Murdered: Soul Suspect as a genre Square Enix should pursue. I want Square Enix to start producing RPGs again, ones that are original but don’t feed into the senseless Japanese Anime tropes that FF13-2 had. They are all over the place right now, like a child that is hopped up on Mountain Dew.

2. Bethesda Softworks


Regardless of what you think about the Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim was a massive hit. While the choices in DLC was questionable for the title, it is certainly staying alive on PC. My main reason for including Bethesda Softworks on this list is all in one title: Elder Scrolls Online. The game had so much potential. It was what every Elder Scrolls fan was wanting. You get to explore all of Tamriel, interact with hundreds of other players and explore dungeons with them. With ESO‘s multiple beta sessions, you would think the game would have launched better. Instead, for the first 4 months Tamriel was riddled with glitches (shocking it is an Elder Scrolls title) and the worst part was the botting. Servers were flooded with gold farming bots and Bethesda seemingly did nothing to remedy the situation for a while. At least more development time is being given to the console version of the game, hopefully this one will launch better. It was by far one of Bethesda Softworks’ worst game launches.

1. Sony and Microsoft (Tie)


This is a tie. They are publishers that have consoles that millions of people play on every day. I have a PS3, Xbox 360, and a Xbox One (buyer’s remorse). I play each console as much as I can, but I am finding it more and more challenging to play my Xbox One. Why? It lacks exclusive titles that give me a reason to play it. Both Microsoft and Sony have lost touch with what makes a successful console: the games. While Microsoft did the classy thing at E3 this year and only talked about the games, many of these games are far away from being released. We’re getting nothing from them right now. Sony’s presentation was all about the bullshit Playstation Now money grabbing scheme and they hardly showcased any games during the press conference. To this day have a limited library of exclusive titles. The Xbox One is losing exclusives as well with Dead Rising 3 coming to PC and Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare hitting the Playstation consoles. They both have lost sight of how to successfully release a console for a new generation of gaming. Look at the console war of last generation. The 360 demolished the competition in the first six months of the last console war because of its strong exclusive lineup. The PS3, on the other hand, struggled until nearly two years after its launch when it finally produced exclusives.. The PS4 and Xbox One are making the same mistakes we saw at the launch of the PS3 in terms of launch and the two companies to blame are the very companies that created these consoles.

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