Stephen’s notes from E3: All of the Pain


“Life is pain. Anyone who says otherwise is selling something.”

It’s really easy to completely underestimate how much walking you do at E3. in the mornings, it seems easy to justify the extra weight of carrying around your 3DS for those sweet, sweet spotpasses, but then by the end of the day you end up questioning whether or not you want to carry around the extra weight of another 2″ tall plushie. I think I shrunk about an inch because of all the weight of the camera equipment alone.

Gamers and media personnel are adorned with all sorts of swag at these events. After each presentation you can expect at least something from most developers, whether it’s a beta key, a mousepad, or even some-give away little statues and figurines. By the end of the day, bags handed out by companies like Square Enix became incredible blessings. The bigger the bag, the happier I was.

I was able to see some pretty cool developers today, including CD Projekt RED for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It was about 30 minutes’ worth of live gameplay (they had one guy explain what we were watching while the other played the game). Let me tell you, I am excited for it now. The game looks fantastic both in terms of graphics and gameplay. If CD Projekt RED can keep this quality up in the final release, they will definitely be onto something special.

On the other hand, I got to witness someone learn about Dying Light by Techland. This was something particularly interesting to watch because while journalists were actually able to play the game, it was very scripted. You could tell how the developer was awkwardly trying to guide the player from one point to another to show off different aspects of the game. “Go here… let’s sneak up on these guys… oh no! They are too strong! Turn around and jump back over the fence! Jump off the ramp… that was close.” I can see why they did it that way, but the whole thing just felt too micromanaged.

Another notable game was Sonic: Boom. I had a little hands-on time with the game, and I have to say the little amount of time I played it was enough to make me feel discouraged about ever playing another Sonic game in the future. It was clunky, the mechanics weren’t anywhere near as good as the old Sonic Adventure games, and hell: Knuckles couldn’t even fly in the demo I played (as far as I was aware, anyway).

By far, the highlight of the day was getting to briefly meet Adam Sessler while waiting to get into the Witcher 3 room. That’s actually a common theme at E3. You see familiar faces from TV or the internet, and it’s pretty fun. Sometimes they walk around with entourages (like Verne Troyer) following them, other times they are just calmly walking through the crowd solo or hanging out, like Adam Sessler or other YouTube personalities were doing.

After the day of slogging around equipment and swag, I have finally come back to the hotel room. I could very well go out to the bars, I suppose, and try to talk to the developers there but, to be honest, I am way too tired. The appointment schedule kept me walking (sometimes running) from one end of the convention center to the other. Next year I am going to hopefully be able to block the appointments by section of the convention center to prevent the fatigue.

Tomorrow I only have a few appointments scheduled, then after that there is plenty of time to wander the convention floors to try and get some good photos in. After that, it will be time to pack up and head home. The biggest challenge there is going to be figuring out how to pack up all the swag. So much stuff!

Until then, I just need to pop some aspirin and pass out. Everything hurts, but it is that good kind of hurt from a fun day!

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