Pokemon Fan Film Gives a Harsh Dose of Reality


Honestly, not since the infamous Charmander screaming scene from Pokemon Origins (Seriously, that scene is ridiculously brutal) have I shuddered so much at the reality of Pokemon. Sure, the normal anime shows two trainers alternating commands during their cockfights Pokemon battles, but let’s be honest: Would that actually be the case in any real dogfighting match Pokemon battle? Of course not! You get into a battle between two slaves Pokemon battle, and you’re in for keeps!

Today, YouTube user Shippiddge released a new Pokemon fan film called A Wild Encounter, which is the sequel to last year’s Pokemon fan film, Choose A Starter! While last year’s video showed the realities of choosing your starter slave Pokemon (Seriously, how is a bubble going to beat a creature made of pure rock?), this year’s shows the cold reality of what it would be like if two intelligent animals really got into a fight. Also, both videos show what I’ve known all my life: Charmander’s a dick. Squirtle’s the best starter EVER!

Give the videos a watch!

Last year’s video:

This year’s video:


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