Video Game Style “Smart Guns” Are a Reality Now


Think back to your favorite game where your gun did all the work for you. Maybe it was one of the Call of Duty games. Maybe it was Resistance’s delicious smart gun that practically meant that no piece of cover made your enemies safe. Whatever your favorite smart weapon was, it just got closer to being a reality. Thanks to the guys at Tracking Point, you can now do a wide array of targeting for a gun with the Google Glass. Tracking Point’s guns are integrated with the glass and a proprietary application that allows on the fly targeting, aiming, shot calculations and shooting out of hard cover. The gun pretty much does all the work for you, thanks to the ShotView system they’ve developed.

For those wondering how it works, it basically allows you to become one of those super soldiers sci-fi authors are always droning on about, at least when it comes to your weapons. Shooting around impossible corners, lining up shots from full cover, hitting enemies behind major fortifications… this thing is basically an automatic kill button. Do aim bots still count as cheating in real life? If so, the Geneva Convention might need a new amendment outlawing, and I quote “1337 h4x” on the battlefield.

This tech opens up a world of possibilities, especially for military applications. For a generation that grew up gaming, this is the kind of integration of reality and virtual interfacing that could propel military and civilian defense tech forward into the next generation. Combine this tech with something like the Oculus and you could have people thousands of miles away piloting robotic drones on the ground. It’s a brave new world, and the possibilities for a smart gun are endless, especially if combined with biometric lock systems and other advancements we’ve seen in the industry in recent years.

In other news, this is probably the coolest use of the Glass yet. At least the coolest one that doesn’t make people around you think you’re weird or creepy for owning the Glass.

Originally found via Vice

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