Competitive Games 101 MOBA Edition: Getting Started


The competitive gaming scene is getting bigger and bigger thanks to Starcraft II and League of Legends. While the community for these kinds of games is rather varied, there are plenty of toxic players a new player will come across in their new videogame journey. Competitive Games 101 MOBA Edition: Getting Started, will give you 5 simple steps to starting your new game. There are plenty of games to cover so I will do what I can to explain the more popular ones.


Step One: Art


This was something that I took into consideration when I began to choose what MOBA to invest my time in. While I knew I would eventually try everything out after I chose what I wanted to learn how to play, I had to like the art style. It just so happened that my first game was League of Legends. I thought the characters were designed really well, so I gravitated towards that one as opposed to Heroes of Newarth and Guardians of Middle Earth. DOTA was really dated for me so it never crossed my mind.


Step 2: Specs


As with any computer game, you need to make sure you can run the game. Looking at recommended specs is always the first step, something that I used to use was System Requirements Lab. It reads your computer specs and tells you if you can run the game at the recommended settings. League of Legends fit into this category if I put it at the lowest settings possible. While I could run DOTA, it conflicted with the dated art style from Warcraft. So just by these two categories I narrowed down what I was going to play.


Step 3: Accessibility


Free-to-Play was relatively new when I began to play MOBA titles and other competitive games. Titles like DOTA and HoN were free while Guardians of Middle Earth was a game that required me to purchase it. Obviously F2P can fit into any budget and if you wanted to spend money, it would just be for skins of characters as opposed to items that give you a competitive edge.


Step 4: Meta Game and Research


While this seems like an “”advanced player” tactic to take into account, a new player can get a grasp of the meta for a game just by looking up videos on Youtube. Videos on Youtube or even Twitch streams will help you drastically make your choice for a game. This will help you better understand what you are going to play. When I started playing League I watched Youtube videos of people playing the characters I thought looked cool and went from there.


Step 5: Learn the Game


This may seem like a dumb step but it is a very important one. Nowadays, many games have a tutorial that you can play. This small and short addition to the PvP-centric genre helps players learn the controls, get a grasp on the lore/story, and acts as a very basic introduction of what you will be getting into. League of Legends, Infinite Crisis, DOTA 2, SMITE (video based), Dawngate, and Strife all have tutorials that you can play that will teach you about what the different structures and enemies will do when you begin to play an actual game. Part of learning is losing, and this will be something a new player will need to get used to. Even though people can be very rude, take their criticisms seriously because you could apply that information to your next game.


Well those are my very basic 5 first steps to help choosing what competitive game you wish to play (PC edition). Stay tuned for Competitive Games 102: Your Gaming Options where I give a quick rundown of what major competitive titles are available.

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