5 Steam Early Access Games to Keep on Your Radar


Steam’s Early Access program has been both a success and a failure. Some games are put on Early Access too early and some charge an obscene price to start playing (albeit some extra content perks). The marketplace is full of these games and I have played my fair share. Here is my list of the 5 Steam Early Access Games to Keep on Your Radar.

DISCLAIMER: Any views expressed in this list regarding Early Access games is all subject to change when the game is released in a final build or any content updates in-between. Be sure to take the necessary risks in purchasing a game that is being developed as you play it. Glitches and other problems will most likely be fixed upon game completion.

5. Planet Explorers – Early Access – Alpha Stage (ver. 0.8)


Planet Explorers is a game I came across a couple months ago and I have not necessarily delved deep into the gameplay, mainly because it has a very very slow start. However, that can be the same when starting any survival exploration game. The beginning is always the most boring because you have to learn the crafting system and see what you can and can’t harvest. Sure, that is the best part about a game like this, but the slow movement and unpolished menus make this game somewhat unappealing at first. However, the game has a lot to offer even in the alpha stage of development. The world is massive and the items you can make are pretty diverse. This is certainly the game for the patient gamer. I really like all the different modes you can play in the game like Story, Adventure, and Build. This is certainly the game to keep an eye on once it develops into beta and onward.

4. Secret Ponchos – Early Access – Alpha Stage (ver. UNKOWN)


Secret Ponchos has been flooding my inbox for some time now. I have been keeping a close eye on the game because, I am a sucker for westerns. As much as I complain, I really liked the atmosphere and story of Red Dead Redemption and the Call of Juarez games are just so darn cool. Movie wise, you cannot go wrong with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid or even Blazing Saddles. Secret Ponchos currently has about four characters in it and you can only use a controller to play. There is one map and no customization options so far, but this is the very first build brought to us so the game is very likely to evolve into a PvP arena Spaghetti Western that will stand out among the other arena games. Besides, that art style is badass.

3. Lichdom: Battlemage – Early Access – Alpha Stage (ver. Patch 2014.06.17.57581)


Mages have always been under this scrutiny that they need some kind of fallback to prevent them from decimating everything. They have mana bars, cooldowns, weak defensive stats etc. What if you got to play a mage that had none of these restrictions, and that you could kill anything as fast as a high ranking mage, but still be able to tank hits like a paladin class? Well Lichdom is certainly the game for you. Your spells are restricted to equipment called sigils and there is a lot to explore with the different combinations and ways you can make all of your spells work together to create massive firestorms and even black holes. The game is still pretty rough right now in the Alpha build, but it still looks great and there is quite a bit to play in the game’s story mode. Even if buying something in Early Access is not your thing, keep it on your radar because Lichdom is certainly the kind of indie game we need.

2. Sir, You Are Being Hunted – Early Access – Beta Stage (ver. 1.2)


Sir, You Are Being Hunted is a new way to play the survival game. You are a human, and you are being hunted by a group of robots who have plenty of tools and gadgets to sniff you out and claim your life. You must find food, craft items, and seek shelter to survive. This is by far the hardest survival game I have played to date, and I can’t wait until it is finished. The Dieselpunk art style, the dystopian atmosphere, the overall art design is enough to see what this game has to offer and from alpha stage to beta, a lot has changed. The game flow is really easy to get the hang of and it has a great way of keeping you invested while being paranoid of all your surroundings. This game will be a bit of a sleeper hit, but well worth your money.

1. Nosgoth – Early Access – Alpha Stage (ver. UNKOWN)


Nosgoth is the spiritual success to Legacy of Kain and it shows with how awesome the level design is as well as the character design. Nosgoth is a PvP Action Arena game that pits Vampires vs Humans. The catch is that the vampires are melee and the humans are ranged. Now you would think that this would put the humans at a higher advantage, but you would be wrong. The game is surprisingly balanced, but when you design your game around this mechanic you clearly know the stakes when it comes to balancing. There are eight character classes and more to come. Nosgoth is easily playable in the Alpha stage and with new content being added regularly, it has something to offer in regards to your Steam Library.

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