Ouya Controversy, Fan Rage, and Game Lineups


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Yet another new feature today! This time it’s this Week in Gaming where we run down all of the biggest headlines from the past week. This week we have Ouya controversy, the 2DS, and plenty of information about the next generation from Sony and Microsoft. So let’s dive in, shall we?

Suspicious Ouya Game Kickstarter Campaign Raises Eyebrows – The Kickstarter campaign for the Oyua title Gridiron Thunder is under scrutiny. Oyua announced its Free the Games Fund that wil double the money of any campaign so long as it pledges 6 months of Ouya exclusivity and raises at least $50,000. The game raised $75,000 but many think Gridiron Thunder padded its own campaign for that.

War on YouTube: How publishers are missing the boat on video coverage, and attacking their friends – Despite the positive press of “Let’s Play” videos, many publishers still actively fight against them.

Nintendo’s Fall Lineup release Dates Announced – Are you curious about what’s coming for the Wii U? Well here’s your answer!

Wii U Price Drop Confirmed – The Wii U is getting a $50 price drop to $299.99 for the deluxe model.

Sony reveals Studios Making Exclusive Content for PlayStation Platforms – Wonder if your favorite developer is making an exclusive title for the PS4? Well here’s the list!

How the biggest war in EVE Online history actually began – Are you curious about how a huge battle happened in the EVE Online universe? This reporter has all the information.

Final Fantasy XV Confirmed For Tokyo Game Show – Square Enix provided a list of titles at the Tokyo Game Show. Included are Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III.

SimCity for Mac arrives with issues that prevent installation and gameplay (update: issues resolved) – The release of SimCity for Mac was plagued with all sorts of issues to the surprise of few gamers.

The plot of Halo for Xbox One revealed – Okay, so it’s not really revealed but you know… it’s something.

Octodad Gets PS Move Support – The comically difficult game Octodad is getting support for the PS Move.

Batman’s Next Portable Game Has Some Castlevanies, Metroid, and Mega Man – Batman: Arkham Origins: Blackgate has multiple ends in an homage to lcassic old-school games of bygone eras.

The PS4 will not allow external hard drives for installing games off the internal hard drive – That’s… yeah, that’s pretty much it.

Lego MMO launching in 2014 – Lego Minifigures Online is launching in 2014 for the PC, IOS, and Android.

A Cautionary Tale: the Rage of the Mechwarrior Online Community – Something has this games’s fans in a ragesplosion!

The 2DS Is Cooler And Smaller Than Expected – A lot of people make jokes about the latest portable from Nintendo, but it isn’t so bad.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Says Goodbye to Claustrophobia, Hello to Tactical Combat – What’s going on with the latest Dragon Age title from BioWare?


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