Black Ops 2 PC Gamers Find Unfortunate Surprise [UPDATED]


[UPDATE:] BioWare is offering a free copy of the Mass Effect Triology to gamers affected by the mixup. Activision has yet to provide an official statement on the issue.

On the other hand, Lego Lord of the Rings Xbox 360 disks in a limited number of shipments have been swapped instead with demo disks for the game. According to the publisher, that is a ‘mislabel’ and the games should play as the full retail copy despite what the physical disk says. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is taking steps to correct the errors. [/UPDATE]

Did you purchase the physical PC edition of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2? You might want to check that second disk. To the surprise of quite a few gamers, the second disk of Black Ops 2 is, in fact, a copy of Mass Effect 2

This is certainly a rather large perceived blunder for Activision, but the company may not necessarily deserve all the blame. Instead, it appears to be an error from the CD manufacturing plant. Activision and EA are separate publishers, so there is no real reason on Activision’s end that the two games should meet. Instead, it’s likely they shared the same CD manufacturer.

Activision has yet to respond to the issue, however it’s imperative the company fix this soon. While it’s still technically a fixable solution (PC users just have to plug their CD-Key into Steam), the error does create an issue for users whose internet connections may not be terribly fast or stable. In fact, that may be the reason some gamers decided to buy the physical copy in the first place.

Also note, this problem doesn’t affect all CDs.  Finally, even though the second disk is an install file for Mass Effect 2, there obviously is no CD-Key for the game, so the customers don’t even have an extra game as a consolation prize.

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