The Devil Within


Any great fan film should not only faithfully recreate the feel of the game, but should add its own take: and that’s exactly what Street Fighter x Tekken: The Devil Within does. It follows the path of Ryu who is infected with the Devil Gene. Ryu not only has to contend with his own darkness, but with Mazuya and Ken.

The combat is wonderfully choreographed. It’s not the wire-fu or strict 2-d fighting style some fan films have trapped themselves into. Instead, they went for something much more fresh and entertaining to watch. The concept – created by Haile Mahmoud, Lex Randleman, and Chris Cowan – feels delightfully entertaining and intense. It’s a mix of traditional (costuming, sound-effects, and music) with originality (story and combat)

But enough babbling. Check it out!

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