Wii U Release Date Announced


During a live press conference today, the Wii U’s release date was officially announced!

The Wii U goes on sale November 18th and will have two options available. For $299.99 you can get the basic pack that just has a white GamePad, AC adapters, HDMI cable, and a sensor bar. The basic set will only have 8GB of memory. The Deluxe Set for $349.99 will include all of that in black plus Nintendo Land, the console stand, a GamePad cradle, and 32GB of memory. 

The press conference included previews of such games as Black Ops 2 using the gamepad as a split screen to play on. Other launch titles include ZombiU, Game & Wario, Project P-100, Nintendo Land,and Pikmin 3. Between the release and March, we will see a total of 50 titles including NBA 2k13, Mass Effect 3, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, FIFA 13, Epic Mickey 2, Rayman Legends, Skylanders Giants, New Super Maro Bros U, Scribblenauts Unlimited, The Wonderful 101, LEGO City: Undercover,Wipeout 3, 007 Legends, Transformers Prime,  Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition, Bayonetta 2, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, Darksiders II, and Assassin’s Creed III. 

Another interesting feature for the Wii U is the Nintento TVii. It’s a free ap-based video service for the Wii U and it includea YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, and TiVo support. Further, the GamePad will allow video chat again at no extra cost.

As a side note, look at Reggie. Right in this video. He hates himself. Just look at that self loathing. Why? He was just talking to two guys in Mario and Luigi mascot outfits. I bet he goes home at night and cries. Then wipes his eyes with $100 bills because of all the money we will inevitably throw at Nintendo.

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