Dawn of Reckoning


By: Stephen Crane

Evil guys have a deadly virus, and it’s time to storm a complex. Who are you going to call to do it? Probably these guys. Black Ops 2 Zombies Origins – Dawn of Reckoning is a damn long title. At the same time, it’s also a pretty good action fan film done by the guys at The Thexe Films.

This fan film does a good job of creating an intense atmosphere with great action and a well made soundtrack. They also brought in “Clinton Jones aka Pwnisher” to help infiltrate the complex. I also love the use of the remote controlled car because I REALLY hate those thing in Call of Duty.

Enjoy the action!



Also, because it came out all of two days ago: Time Crisis. Yeah, that’s right. It’s awesome, except i have one very serious problem: What arcade has Time Crisis for only a quarter? Many a game have I not been able to continue because I took too long finding all four quarters.


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