Namco Bandai Teases Us With All Star Countdown


By: Stephen Crane
Namco Bandai slipped a nip tease at us today with a new website (pictured above). It teases an all star battle announcement in three days. Accompanied we see real life images. What could it be? Speculation abounds.

The most likely option is going to be the reveal for the next Super Smash Bros. game. In late June, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced Namco Bandai Games is leading development on the Super Smash Bros. title for Wii U and 3DS. Considering this news, and the attention PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale got during E3, it's no surprise Nintendo would want to show it is still strong. The reveal would be well timed.

It wouldn't be terribly surprising if Namco announced a branded fighting game of their own. They have some pretty strong intellectual properties at their fingertips and could certainly pull characters from Tekken or Naruto. I would have a hard time imagining those characters in Super Smash Bros. but I would have said the same thing about Snake or Sonic, so I've been wrong before.

The real answers may be in the pictures. We see a sky, a raisin, what appears to be an aquarium, old cars, the base of some sort of monument, and other pictures I am having trouble making out. How do these fit? No idea. There is an image of the sun over a city as well, but I can't make out what that city is.

Do you have some ideas? Post them in the comments, and perhaps we can solve the puzzle before the 3 days are up!

Either way, we have three days to wait for the actual announcement. Damn them.

You can check out the full website here.

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