Mass Effect 3’s Extended Cut Fills Some Gaps


After Mass Effect 3's end, fans of the series quickly raised complaints. I discussed my feelings on the ending a bit more here. Yesterday BioWare released the extended cut DLC, and it was exactly what they promised. Unfortunately, that wasn't too much.

To explain, BioWare promised the DLC wouldn't change the ending, only expand on it. They also anticipated not everyone would be happy with it. Much to the chagrin of many, BioWare was accurate. The endings are essentially the same, however the Extended Cut explains a lot more and fills in some of the plot holes.

Staring at the endings, I have to wonder why they weren't exactly like this when the game first released. A lot of what was added is storytelling basics. It's now complete, but only better on a technical level as opposed to a strict satisfaction level.

A fourth possibility arose with the new DLC as well. For those who wanted Shepard to say "no, I won't choose," BioWare added that option as an ending. I won't ruin what happens, but as a fun easter egg: you get the same ending by shooting the Catalyst now.

I'm glad BioWare caved and released the new DLC. It's a worthwhile addition to the game, and almost necessary for filling in the holes. While I would have loved for the Indoctrination Theory to be true, I can see why the company didn't go that direction. 

All in all, BioWare did the right thing by extending the endings, but didn't use this opporunity to go anywhere new. They patched up the endings which we can all appreciate, but I would have loved to see to see something new and exciting that would have given us a real "wow" moment. I give the company credit, and I certainly hope they use this experience to make sure Dragon Age 3 is even better!

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