Fallout Fan Series Tests Its Kickstarter Appeal


By: Stephen Crane

You may remember back when I featured Fallout: Nuka Break for Fan Film Friday. If not, you really should go back and check out the series. It's one of the better fan-created series out there. It features excellent humor, awesome acting, and even a writer I am personally a huge fan of. 

Unfortunately, season 1 ended on a pretty hardcore cliffhanger, and there were some pretty serious doubts about whether or not the show would come back. It was definitely a passion project, but would that pay for everything that needed to be done? Apparently not.

Enter Kickstarter. Last month the creators posted a Kickstarter project asking for some additional money to create a second season. They are no strangers to this sort of venture and had a successful campaign on Indiegogo last year which turned the first fan film into season one of the excellent series. They only asked for $20,000 but ended up raising more than $27,000. How is their latest venture faring?

As of today, there are still 24 days left to fund Fallout: Nuka Break Season 2, and it has well exceeded its goal. They raised more than $96,000 and are still hoping for more. In fact, if they reach $120,000 the web series will get the help of Chris Avellone who helped design Fallout: New Vegas and Tim Cain, the original lead programmer for Fallout. That's right, both of them have agreed to sign on as writers and designers as well as to make guest appearances.

Will you help fund the team?


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