Call of Duty on Trial: The Developers v. Activision


By: Stepen Crane (Photo: ABC)

Christoforo v. iControl isn't the only court case in gaming headlines this week. the Los Angeles courts unsealed a few of the case documents in West and Zampells v. Activision, and they certainly are revealing.

According to the LA Times, the Los Angeles County superior Court Judge Elihu Berle unsealed a document that reveals some information between the two companies including what is known as "Project Icebreaker."

The project, set up by Activision, was formed as a "contingency plan" regarding Jason West and Vincent Zampella, two Infinity Ward developers. The plan was to find any amount of justification to fire the two developers. Activision claims the investigation was to search for breaches of contract and to catch the "self-serving schemers" in talking to other publishers, including EA

Zampella and West are demanding  royalty payments they claim Activision failed to pay them in the weeks leading up to their firings. Activision, on the other hand, launched a countersuit claiming the project was justified.

The document unsealed today details how Activision employees attempted to gain access to the computers of West and Zampella. After a few third parties refused to help, one employees, Fenady claimed to have approached the company's Facilities Department in order to stage a "mock fire drill". The mock fire drill never happened. 

Today in court Activision had requested to move the trial date back 30 days, however they were denied. The trial is scheduled for May 29.

You can read more about this at the LA Times.


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