Mass Effect 3 Extended Edition Announced – Yes, It Will Be Free* DLC


By: Stephen Crane

Earlier this morning EA and BioWare officially announced the Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut fans have been craving and demanding. The extended cut will be made available through free* DLC, and it promises additional cinematic sequences and epilogue scenes. The press release promises it "will give fans seeking further clarity to the ending of Mass Effect 3 deeper insights into how their personal journey concludes."

The Extended Cut DLC will be available this summer for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. From the sounds of the press release, this DLC will still keep the same basic endings, but show a bit more of what our choices meant in the games, what happened to characters we met along the way, and perhaps even explain a little more what the ending actually meant. Casey Hudson added his hopes that the endings "will feel more pesonalized for each player."

According to the press release, the DLC is only free until April 12, 2014, hence the asterisk. EA is vague on what happens after the offer. The DLC is also "subject to availability" which appears odd for digital content. EA's PR contact has not responded to inquiries as of the time of publication, but this feature will be updated if a response ever comes.

What's troubling about this announcement is the fear that a decade into the future the DLC and the ending fans wanted and hopefully will ultimately enjoy will be lost to the ages. Servers will be shut down and DLC won't be legally available unless a separate copy of the game discs are made available with the Extended Edition on them. Gamers and collectors enjoy looking back at some of the older, classic games and playing them through completion. Can we say Mass Effect 3 is complete if the "real" ending is not available due to a server shut down?

Will BioWare's extended ending be considered a success for both fans and the industry, or will we continue to be disappointed? We will have to wait for the Summer to find out for sure. Hopefully there will be some more revelations and announcements at PAX East this weekend.

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