Dust Your Shoulders Off


20211DUST514_GP_Screen05By: Stephen Crane

If you've been following Armed Gamer for about a year now, you may have read a bit about my views on the upcoming game Dust 514. This PS3 exclusive freemium title will be releasing later this year with a public beta launching soon.

Over the weekend developer CCP Games hosted the EVE Online fanfest over in Iceland, where they not only showed some of the exciting new features for EVE Online, but also discussed their upcoming FPS title. Along with the discussion of the freemium's features, they also released a shiny new trailer. It gives a little bit of a backstory to the game and explains a lot about how Dust 514 will fit into the narrative of the overall EVE universe.


How will the PS3 title work alongside the PC MMO? Apparently pretty well. During the panel for the game they showed an example of a Dust 514 battle, and showed exactly how ships would be able to bombard an active battle on the planet from space. In many ways, EVE and Dust 514 will be the same game played from different perspectives. Resources will be shared as well as communications and territorial disputes.

Perhaps one of the coolest functions of the game is that it will be released for free on the PlayStation Network. This means no paying for discs, and no paying for exclusive weapons. CCP has made it clear that no game-breaking items will be made available with only real money, and that if it ever happens they will remove the item and refund anyone who bought it.

But enough of that. Let's see how a planetary bombardment looks. Mind you, this demonstration is happening on the same server, but through two different titles and two different gaming platforms. That's what makes it particularly impressive.


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