THQ Lays Off Employees: Warhammer 40K MMO Refocused


By: Stephen Crane

THQ announced that after tough financial losses, it would be forced to lay off 118 developers from both Vigil Games and Relic Entertainment. Further sadness comes from another press release from THQ that states Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millennium will no longer be an MMORPG, but a single player game instead.

All in all, the move away from an MMORPG is a smart business decision. The vast majority of titles in that genre have trouble retaining members and often fold very quickly. If THQ wanted to release a tremendously successful MMO, it would have to bring completely new mechanics and a fresh business model to the table. Unfortunately, there were no indications of those necessary risks, so a "premium experience with single and multiplayer gameplay" is most likely the right direction to go.

The layoffs, however, do not have quite the silver lining. Vigil Games is currently working on Darksiders 2 which is slated for July of this year. There is no word, yet, on how that project stands after losing a little less than half its staff.

Immediately after the announcement, game developers and journalists opened up on Twitter, sending words of encouragement to the former THQ employees with the occasional developer making sure to announce any jobs open. Others were recommending the remaining THQ employees have their portfolio ready as there are most likely going to be more lay offs in the future.

I wish everyone involved good luck, especially those who are now currently looking for a job.

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