Mass Effect 3 to Reach New Heights


By: Stephen Crane (Photo: Flickr user k2gxt)

Next week, Mass Effect 3 is set to reach new heights, only to take what I believe will be a rapid descent as it loses air. The best part is we can all watch it happen!

BioWare and EA will be marketing the game in a new and interesting way. Next week they will attach early copies of the game to weather balloons, then set them free. Gamers will be able to find the games via attached GPS devices and a map on the Mass Effect website. The balloons will be launched from major cities across the US and UK, so everyone should have a fair chance to get a copy.

As far as marketing campaigns go, this one is pretty good. It's a much safer and cooler stunt than what we saw with the Dante's Inferno seven deadly sins campaign. I'm sure this will generate a lot of interest and be a rather cool experience over all.

You can read more about this marketing campaign here.

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