Global Conflict Seeks to Make Battlefield 3 Matches Matter


(Photo: Courtesy Global Conflict)
Do your matches in Battlefield sometimes feel pointless? Sure, you can win or lose a match, but what does that matter in the long run? Fortunately, for ten years running there has been a fan-driven effort to make Battlefield games feel even more complete and strategic.

Global Conflict is a tournament community devoted to the Battlefield franchise. They started with Battlefield 1942 and continue on to the most recent installment of the franchise. Using private servers they have managed to create something amazing and deep.

The campaign has been described as two parts Battlefield, one part Risk. There is a large map set up, and two opposing factions vie for territories in 32v32 battles. Every Saturday and on the occasional Tuesday the two teams hash out their battles. At the end of the day the results are tallied and new borders are drawn on the map.

How is this all set up? With a definitive command structure and a very effective use of TeamSpeak. Players are expected to actually follow orders and work for the betterment of the team as opposed to the individual. Following orders and doing well for the team will help you advance in rank, earning medals and promotions. It's less a matter of individual skill, and more a matter of team cohesion.

These campaigns promise to create that realistic battle experience often touted as the reason some gamers choose this franchise over Call of Duty. Alpha-male personalities take a backseat in this structured battle setting. Matches aren't decided by a matter of k/d, but by strategic placements. In this campaign, players get to feel like they have a stake in winning or losing overall.

With ten years and 20 campaigns worth of experience under their belts, it's certainly an established community and surprisingly well run for a fan-created endeavor. The next battle is in four days. Will you be fighting?

You can find out more about the campaign here.

About Stephen Crane

Stephen was hooked by the NES at a very young age and never looked back. He games on a daily basis and is currently trying to climb his way up the ranked ladder on League of Legends!

Outside of the video game world he actually likes running and owns a rapidly growing collection of toed shoes. Stephen Crane is the owner of Armed Gamer.

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  • bobby john joe

    Wow. This is retarded. I mean, people already play video games for like ten hours a day, why give them another reason to play more. People that play video games are just dumb. Stop wasting your lives! Go do something! Stop using your time up with video games! I mean seriously, GET A LIFE!!!

  • Andrew Wood

    Let’s hope every comment isn’t as uneducated and narrow minded as the first one
    On topic: Sounds like a fun idea, wasn’t aware of it!

  • Armed Gamer

    Bobby… You do realize where you posted your comment, right? It’s sort of wasting your time posting your comment on a website devoted to video games.
    People like to play video games and care just as much about them as many other people care about sports. Also, considering the rampant use of steroids and other forms of cheating in many of today’s professional sports, those results can be just as fictional as the worlds we like to play in.
    It isn’t a matter of getting a life. As long as video games are handled responsibly and don’t become a social crutch, there is no harm in them. In fact, I am of the strong believe that video games are a serious artistic medium just as much as film or paintings.
    Ultragamer, I apologize for deleting your comment, but I try to keep the community as open as possible, and thus try to avoid the presence of slurs.

  • John Barker

    Yeah seriously stop hating bobby joe nobody like you

  • Silly Troll.

    Cool story bro. Tell it again.

  • Niuhll

    Complaining about video games being a waste of time on a site dedicated to video games. Surely making the arguement was a waste of your time?
    Besides, ignoring the fact that video games are a form of entertainment, video games are proven to have benefits. In similar ways that chess, scrabble etc do.

  • Wow.

    People are going to hate over other people having fun? That guy absolutely have NO fun whatsoever if hes commenting on a forum thats specifically meant for video games.. Hmm I sense a hypocrite in the making.
    You sir need to get off your soap box and quit being a self righteous little arrogant troll that you are and claiming that getting off of video games is a way to have fun.
    Yes along with the other people on here I agree. It shouldn’t be substituted as a social crutch. But in moderation it should be fun. Unfortunately that seems like something that Bobby “Redneck Inbred Troll” John Joe can’t seem to comprehend.

  • George Mondel

    Seriously, what kind of a name is bobby john joe? Its obviously fake. hes probly some 40 year old stalker that lives with his parents that has no life of his own./

  • CJ Fernandes

    @bobby john joe
    Are you serious? You jump on a website dedicated to gaming articles to start insulting the people that read it? For starters, the average gamer spends around 2-3 hours a day actually playing games, a farcry from your ridiculous claim of ten. Secondly, you call gamers ‘dumb’. I would like to know how you came to this assumption? Especially this kind of service. It looks like an awful lot of co-ordination and effort went into making Global Conflict what it currently is, again making your comment invalid. First Person Shooters (and games in general) have been proven to help people’s recall abilites, hand-eye co-ordination and reflexes. Not all gamers are the smartest, or most intellectually adept, but they enjoy their time that they spend playing games. That’s all that matters. You like music? Great, but you don’t see me calling you dumb (unless it’s R’n’B, dear Lord help us). Onto the next one; ‘Stop using your time up with videogames!’ If someone has ‘leisure time’, you know, do what they want to within that period of time, then they’re entitles to spend it how they wish. Picture this though, someone who is not mentally capable to leave the house and is in constant care may not have the time to go out and take walks or some kind of physical activity. They don’t watch TV because it’s all reruns, they don’t have a means to listen to (or make) music, and have no crafts in order to articulate themselves with. What’s left? Videogames. And by personal experience they absolutely love it. It’s something that engages them like no other and, in my eyes, that’s well spent.
    So, throughout my whole tirade there I didn’t make one comment or accusation about what you like, stand for or any ‘yo mumma’ jokes. I used perfect examples and cohesive language to breakdown your comment and essentially render them useless. This all coming from someone who spends a maximum of 5 hours a day playing videogames, and have done so for the past 17(or so) years of my life. I don’t think you have any grounds to call me dumb.
    Anyway, I’d just LOVE to waste my time picking apart your comment more and making you look like even more of an ignorant fool than you sound like, but I’ve got videogames to play.

  • George Mondel

    i love how bobby j joe got hated more by everyone mor then he hated on the article.

  • Wow.

    Hoorah! CJ.

  • ….

    What a douche.. :\

  • Duke

    As a member of the GC community, I’ve had the opportunity to play in an organized and team based manner with an enormous variety of people from around the world (about half our members are European, half North American). I’ve made friends with people from other fields and other locations that I’d never meet in any other circumstance.
    As far as becoming a confident leader (and trust me leading in the middle of crazy BF2 or BF3 round or leading a team of 40-50 people through a multi month campaign is as good of a test of leadership as any other sport or activity) I know GC has made me stronger.
    This isn’t to say all I do in my life is play video games. I actually only play BF3 at GC for 6 hours or so a week and my involvement is driven as much by the community of friends as the game itself.
    I hope to see some of y’all on the battlefield.

  • Andy Urvakis

    I like this idea very much, this would also be great on a small scale for the console.

  • Drew

    I was halfway through the signup process and very excited – I have always wanted something like this to be a part of. Then I realized this is probably only for PC players. God dammit. I would love to play BF on PC if my computer could handle it. TIME to expand GC! Please try to include something for us xbox nubs. Or else, we may be forced to create our own. Which I’m sure will end up being the case. Okay fine I’ll try to get it started. Thanks for nothing. 😀

  • Styphon

    As a member of =GC= I’d like to thank armed gamer for the post. And for all you reading, it’s a fantastic place to be. Yes, we’re PC only as that’s what we know. Only recently has it been on other formats, and unfortunately it’s the large scale of it that we also love. You just can’t beat 32 players all on one TeamSpeak following orders to dominate a map. I’ve never had as much fun playing a game as I have at Global Conflict.

  • Durry Quill

    Sweet! I actually came up with this exact idea several years ago! Little did I know people have been doing it for so long.
    Thanks, Armed Gamer!
    P.S. I thought you should know that this site doesn’t work at all with the browser Opera

  • Diaz

    I’m with Jamie on this one.Developers get to select their own treoihps and achievements. Whether they choose to make them easy to get or not is up to them. Whether you earn them or not is up to you. Even if you have to get some help regarding exactly what you need to do, it still has to be done.As long as you’re not letting someone else log in to your account to earn achievements for you, I still think they still count.The only thing that’s ever changed is that these things started being automatically tracked through Xbox Live in 2005. It doesn’t mean that we never tried to fully complete games before then, and it certainly doesn’t mean that we never needed help in doing so.