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By: Stephen Crane (Photo: Flickr user ChicagoGeek)

It's not often stories about gamers can make you smile and warm your heart, but this one will have you smiling for the rest of the day. It's the story of a young kid who really wanted to defy traditional gender roles, and his older brother who defended the kid when his father said no.

The story comes from blogger Kristen and her tumblr. It's worth reading, but as a quick summary, two brothers walked into a game shop, looking to get a game for the younger one (around 10-12 years old) wanted a game with a female character in it and he wanted his controller that was distinctly "girl colored". The blogger, being helpful, helped the young boy choose Mirror's Edge and a purple controller. The father eventually came in to see what was taking his sons so long. Once he saw what his younger son wanted, the father began objecting pretty harshly and threatened  "to whoop his son". That's when the big brother (around 15-17 years old) said that he was buying the gift for his brother with his own money and if the father objected he would have to beat the older son.

It's really a great story and one that's worth sharing. Not only is it how brothers should act, but it's a great lesson in teaching that it's okay for boys to not necessarily like the traditionally "manly" games. In fact, those games can be pretty darn fun.  Mirror's Edge definitely has its flaws, but I still an enjoyable game. Bravo to Kristen for chronicling this tale and supporting these two brothers in her own way.

In a world where we hear frequent bickering about what it means to be a hardcore gamer, and what players of what games franchise are more hardcore, I posit this: These two boys are the true hardcore gamers. They recognize that games are meant only to be fun to the individual players free of concern about what others think. If that game, or controller color suits that particular gamer, so much the better. This is gaming for the sheer fun of it without concern for image or competitiveness.

Make sure to give the story a read, then give yourself a moment to "awww".

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