Boosting Brings the Banhammer


(Photo: Flickr user Sam Howzit)

Have you ever wondered how many years pass in 5,000 days? Answer: around 13.6. Why does that matter? It's exactly how long one booster on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has been banned for. His crime: having way too much money and caring way too much about the game.

The player, by the name of HotShot_01, purchased six different Playstation 3's and six different copies of Modern Warfare 3. His plan was simple: Create official matches where his only opponents would be himself. It's not a bad plan, really. It's an easy way to prestige a few times and get an advantage over the other players without having to develop any real skill. It's the sort of hack that only really requires money.

Fortunately, Infinity Ward strictly frowns upon these tactics and decided to ban HotShot_01 for 5,000 days. He openly complained about it on Twitter and received absolutely no mercy from anyone. To be honest, he really doesn't deserve much mercy. If you do this, you should be ashamed. People like you are the ones who break the experience of online gaming for the rest of us! It should be a simple matter of skill, not money.

It's beautiful, sweet justice like this that makes everything worth it. I just find it amazing how long the ban lasts for. It's almost 14 years on a game whose fans will probably stop playing it next year. Yeah, that's right, you heard me. When the next Call of Duty game comes out, you know we'll all buy it and play it anyway. It's just habit now. It's that annual $60 subscription fee we pay to keep playing the same game. At least it's an addictive game. So 14 year may as well be banned forever. Perhaps it just seems more dramatic to call it a 5,000 day ban instead of a simple ban.

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