Deep Breaths: Valve Is Not Running an ARG


Unfortunately, it would appear gamers have been desperate enough for Valve to release anything with a 3 at the end of it, that we are willing to believe anything. All of this business first began with a post on /v/, the 4Chan imageboard for gamers. This led to gamers emailing poor Gave Newell, the CEO of Valve to inquire. This image popped up today, and seems to have driven gamers insane. One astute blogger at Vivid Gamer even ran the Wheatley – Nominee for “Character of the Year” video from the SpikeTV Video Game Awards about 50% slower and gleamed many potential clues. Unfortunately, all the clues appear to be either red herrings or an example of gamers reading too far into small things.

Confirmed by ValveARG.com, there is no ARG. It was confirmed by both Gabe Newell himself on multiple counts, as well as Marc Laidlaw, designer of Half-Life. GameSpot even wrote a good article debunking the use of the Wheatley video and that people were reading far too much into it. Even reading into Doug Rattmann’s Twitter account would appear to be reaching too far.

I’m sorry gamers, foil hats off. We’re still going to have to wait quite a while for Valve to ever create a third game in a franchise. No, Half-Life 2: Episode 2 does not count. While it’s always exciting to be there at the beginning of something exciting, we need to also not hop on the bandwagon and for the love of all that is good in this world, stop emailing Gabe Newell! That man needs to get to work on making Half-Life 3, and that can never happen if he’s responding to all of our emails all the time! And stop trusting stuff from /v/ without real verification. It’s just silly, otherwise.

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