Copyright Claim Stops Developer From Hosting Its Own Trailer


By: Stephen Crane (Photo: Courtesy Reddit user McDuble)

Last Saturday Spike TV hosted the 2011 Video Game Award, and some of the best announcements weren't the awards themselves. What seemed to draw the most attention were the game announcements. One game in particular, The Last Of Us, has a brilliant trailer that drew a lot of attention.


Earlier this week the developer, Naughty Dog, received a takedown notice from Viacom for putting that trailer up on YouTube. That's right, Viacom did not appreciate the trailer's presence on the developer's official YouTube channel. The game trailer was aired first on Spike TV which is owned by Viacom, so therefore someone at the company appears to have been under the delusion that Viacom owned the rights to the trailer.

Fortunately the trailer is back up, however it does have an altered title. The YouTube video is now known as "The Last of Us VGA 2011 Trailer". This is also plenty of free exposure for the game, so perhaps it does have a bit of a happy ending for the developer after all.

This is exactly the sort of problem that we will see more of if the Stop Online Piracy Act actually passes. It's currently under debate in Congress, and it is something every gamer should be aware of. Keep an eye out for news on this act. If it passes, it will have ramifications throughout gaming culture and prevent innovation and user-generated content. It could even prevent gamers from creating mods.

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