The PlayStation Commercial Finally Unveiled: For Michael!


By: Stephen Crane (Photo: Courtesy Flickr user DeclanTM)

For a little while now Sony has been teasing us with what amounts to exactly half a commercial. It was a pretty darn sweet commercial, but at the same time it felt rather incomplete. It served its purpose by making me want to know what the hell it was advertising! You've probably seen it, too.


Yeah, that's right we're ready for that PlayStation 4 to come! Just announce it in the commercial, already! It's going to be an amazing, surprise announcement, I can just feel it! There is no way this is a general commercial to get us psyched for Sony's games in general, right? It has to be something big and epic!

Well, no. It is just a Sony commercial devoted to making us want to buy more of their games. All in all, though, it's a pretty awesome commercial, but I just wish it was actually as exciting as the hype. It's still a pretty interesting concept. What if all of the characters in the games we play are in some way aware of the player? Are we the ones who cause the characters to perform the actions or is it something akin to a narrative that always happens or would happen anyway without us?


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