Battlefield 3 PC Version Leaked But Is Missing English Crack


By: Stephen Crane (Photo: Courtesy Flickr user vrogy)

Most game developers have to worry about a crack for a game releasing the day of or the day after a game's release. It's sometimes pretty lucky for a 12 hour delay before the crack ends up on torrent websites. Unfortunately for DICE and EA, the much anticipated Battlefield 3 PC version has leaked.

This is pretty bad news for EA. They've earned no good will for their digital distribution service, Origin, and Battlefield 3 was most likely their best shot at getting early adopters. Their next opportunity will most likely be with Star Wars: The Old Republic in December, but while MMO players are dedicated, I am not entirely sure they will number quite as much as Battlefield 3 PC players.

The 10GB file appears to have leaked from Russia as that's the primary language of the download, but reading through the comments on many torrent websites, it's aparent that the crack isn't quite out yet and the English files didn't make the leak. The Russian description of the torrent indicates that the English patch and the patch-free one-click DVD package are on their way so English speakers will just have to remain patient.

That's good news for DICE, although they probably weren't worrying too much. Battlefield 3 is heavily centered around a strong multiplayer community, so their sales won't be hurt too much unless a no Origin crack that allows multiplayer comes out. By now you can probably find the torrent on multiple sites, though if you do download and find a working crack, make sure you do it with full knowledge that EA will be out for blood and may be able to trace someone down to sue them. It's not entirely unprecedented.

Also, if you do download the game, please make sure to buy the game on October 25, especially if you are a fan of PC gaming. Battlefield 3 was made with the PC in mind as its primary console, and if a game like this sells poorly on the PC then other developers may use this as a test case to prove PC gaming is dead.

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