Thinking Thursday: More Detail on Unlimited Detail


By: Stephen Crane

So last week I wrote this article showing the company Euclideon and its remarkable claims about having 'unlimited atoms' instead of polygons. The claims are also that this can run on current hardware. Bruce's estimations were that his system runs at about 100,000 times better than current graphics engines. Naturally this brought on a lot of scorn and cries of "scam" which I also addressed.

Today I received another email from Bruce. He apparently caved to demand and let in someone to interview him and his company in person and he showed real time demonstrations of what his technology will allow. It's a 41 minute long interview, so get comfy!


Now to break down the video. There are some cool things we saw in the video including the real time demonstration running on an Asus laptop. Now, I'm no expert in computer hardware, but the fact that the demonstration is running on a laptop that doesn't appear to be a straight desktop replacement definitely supports their claim that the graphics can run as claimed on current hardware.

Bruce also took the time to zoom in on some very specific, unique points in the level and address why there didn't appear to be too much variety at first glance. The original video was assembled in about three weeks, and because the company has really only nine employees they didn't have the time to make too many readily apparent unique items.

All in all, this interview is something that probably should have happened sooner. When you look at all the new details shown in the interview it supports my original conclusion and Bruce's original statement that they didn't expect to draw this much attention. The clarifications, interviews and demonstrations really did go a long way to showing the company's credibility in my book even if I am still going to hold off on declaring high praise until we get a playable demonstration.

Critic or not, this interview is definitely something worth watching just to get a good idea of what the industry to trying to do and what Euclideon is working towards. It'll be a while before we hear anything else from them, though. This is allegedly the last time Bruce will be talking to the media until the next demonstration. I can't wait to see the controversy that will brew.

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