EA and Dice Try To Convince Gamers To Lower Their Pitchforks


By: Stephen Crane

Rejoice, Battlefield players, a compromise seems to have been reached. After a virulent and hostile online campaign against Dice and EA, the internet is slowly calming down as word gets out about the most recent post on the Battlefield 3 blog. It states that the pre-order content was only a time-based exclusive and that "[w]e will unlock the contents of the Physical Warfare Pack for free to all Battlefield 3 players later this year."

Since the beginning of this controversy there has generally been a lot of confusion about the Physical Warfare Pack. there were questions about f this DLC deal would be across platforms, if it was going to be a UK promotion only (that's where it was first announced) and just how much this would unbalance the game. The Battlefield blog has continually been trying to clarify what they view as misunderstandings from the beginning, and with this post it finally seems like we are staring to get a little bit more clarity.

Another announcement is that the Bak to Karkland expansion for Battlefield 3, which contains some classic maps will also be available if you pre-order Battlefield 3 but the blog says "It is not day one DLC and it is no on the base game disc." This is a feature you can buy separately on the same day the game is available. The means that if you didn't pre-order the game, you can purchase the maps and not be excluded from specific games in multiplayer.

So what does this mean all in all? Well, it's not exactly a 'victory' as some redditors may want it to be. It's more like a compromise and a truce. While it's not clear that the promotion was ever changed (the blog makes no mention of change), it certainly shows that the developers are paying attention to what gamers are saying and at least responsive enough to try to clarify individual points and concerns. The Physical Warfare Pack will still be there to provide an advantage (variety in weapons and equipment is most certainly a clear advantage despite what some say), it won't be an exclusive advantage to those who pre-ordered or who shell out additional money. At least no in the long run, anyway. The fact that they are delaying the overall release of the warfare pack does give an immediate advantage to gamers who pre-order but with some patience, it won't have lasting effects on the game community.

What does this mean for future promotions of a similar nature? Best as I can tell, it means that any feature made available that vaguely threatens to imbalance the gameplay between the haves and the have nots is going to be met with a strong resistance from the community. It also shows that companies need to be much clearer when announcements of this nature are made so they do not suffer from bad PR based off the appearance of the program as opposed to the actual facts and plans behind them.

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